Perform fast, accurate and up-to-date audits and inventories of computers and servers, regardless of their location.

NetSupport DNA’s easy-to-use technology streamlines your school or college's inventory processes, releasing staff time and budget to focus on more important initiatives.

IT systems management doesn’t have to be disruptive, labour intensive or complex. NetSupport DNA can streamline and standardise management across your organisation, while making sure your users have reliable access to their resources. NetSupport DNA also ensures healthier, cost-effective systems, minimal downtime, higher user productivity and less risk to your organisation.

Key features include:

NetSupport DNA pays for itself in literally weeks, by:

  • Empowering administrators, assigning responsibility and accountability for school inventory management
  • Providing instant access to current status and usage data, helping to improve access to resources and increase circulation of assets
  • Ensuring student and teacher accountability is encouraged through departmental and individual asset assignment and tracking
  • Delivering customised and personalised reports to help senior leadership and financial staff make informed purchasing decisions
  • Helping to expedite the reporting process for audits and special funding
  • Simplifying school inventory processes to free staff time and budget for more important initiatives
  • Utilising a simplified, centralised system that eliminates the need for additional software tools and improves overall staff utilisation
  • Allowing you to maximise your inventory by redeploying or retiring assets
  • Providing better tracking which reduces losses; lowering total replacement costs
  • Ensuring, with NetSupport DNA asset tracking in place,  annual inventory assessments are much less daunting.

What sets NetSupport DNA apart is its ability to report on your assets no matter where they are, going beyond just a Local or Wide Area Network. NetSupport’s Gateway technology provides a stable and secure method for tracking assets that may ordinarily be ‘hidden’ on a remote network or behind firewalls.

NetSupport DNA also provides the option to integrate with Active Directory, enabling you to configure the PCs and users within the DNA Console to mirror their relative position within your Active Directory structure, with any subsequent changes being automatically reflected within DNA, to ensure the minimum of maintenence effort.

To try NetSupport DNA, follow the link at the bottom of the page, then simply download the NetSupport DNA installer package. Install the server component on any selected PC; install the Console on the same or other PC(s), and then use the included deployment tool to discover your network computers and automatically push out our client software onto each device you want to manage and maintain. You can also download the free Console for iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and smartphones and the Blackberry Playbook to ensure no matter where you are, you can view alerts and review inventory information for any PC. In minutes, you will start collecting data from your enterprise and begin generating custom on-screen views or personalised alerts to suit your own requirements.

Remember, with NetSupport DNA, you have no ongoing subscription costs, no third-party service to rely on, your data never leaves your enterprise and you retain 100% control over your solution. To find out more and try NetSupport DNA in your own environment on up to 50 PCs for a month, please click the link below. We'll tell you what you need to download and give you all the resources needed to ensure you are up and running in under an hour.