New Features in v4.6

New and enhanced features in v4.6


Enhanced Activity Monitoring

Enhanced - Activity Monitoring

In addition to providing a single time-based summary of all activity by a specific user, PC or department presented in a chronological view, new enhancements now allows for the data to be viewed in graphical timelines, providing an even quicker and easier way to view activity. This time-saving feature means that technicians don’t have to look at each area separately and can instead see the full picture of activity, at a glance in one location.



Enhanced Internet Restrictions

Enhanced - Internet Restrictions

NetSupport DNA now allows you to create multiple approved/restricted websites lists which can be assigned to specific profiles. This means dedicated internet settings can be applied to specific departments.



Enhanced Filtering List

Enhanced - Filtering List

This now includes the Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit (CTIRU) list which can be enabled/disabled. The content from these sites will not be shown when searched for, however businesses can see who was trying to access the sites and when.



Enhanced Filtering List

New - System Error Alerts

When a system error occurs (GPFS etc) NetSupport DNA now triggers a system error alert to capture the error message. The alerts can be configured to capture a screenshot, record screen and run an application. This extra functionality has also been applied to PC alerts, allowing you to choose what happens when any alert is triggered.


New - GDPR Support

NetSupport DNA contains a range tools to help businesses meet their GDPR requirements at no extra cost.

- Data protection

Discover Information you hold

The software inventory helps businesses keep track of software installed and whether it is GDPR-compliant – as well as ensuring that their data is secure and stored correctly.


Discover Information you hold

- Discover Information you hold

To know whether data has been lost and to be able to report it within the stipulated 72 hours’ timeframe, businesses must first have a clear picture of where it is located. Using NetSupport DNA’s file discovery, a data manager can quickly scan all or selected network PCs and identify all file types that may contain confidential information about staff.

- Prevent data breaches

Discover Information you hold

To help prevent data breaches, NetSupport DNA’s endpoint security and alerting features will automatically notify operators when any number of changes occurs across the network – from antivirus protection not working and security alerts of failed login attempts from an employee’s machine, to portable storage devices trying to access the network.

Discover Information you hold

- Individuals' rights

Within the database and administration sections of NetSupport DNA, businesses can identify an employee and instantly archive or remove all data history related to that staff member stored in NetSupport DNA.


Custom Images

New - Custom Images

To help find items in the Hierarchy Tree view easily, you can apply custom images to departments, dynamic groups, PCs and Users.




New Features in v4.5

New and enhanced platform support in v4.5

NetSupport DNA has extended its support to include iOS, Chrome – as well as enhancing its Mac OS X support – to help companies control, monitor and support users in a multi-platform environment.

New and enhanced platform support in v4.5

iOS Browser additional functionality

- iOS Browser additional functionality

The iOS Browser app (for use with NetSupport DNA v4.5 and above) now helps to increase productivity with its detailed summary of all internet activity, allowing technicians to apply lists of approved and restricted URLs to enable companies to fully manage internet use. IT technicians can also gather a full hardware inventory from devices and enable real-time monitoring – using icon, details or thumbnail views.



Mac Agent – enhanced

- Mac Agent – enhanced

The Mac agent now enables IT technicians to gather a full hardware and software inventory from the Agent machine. It also helps increase productivity with its detailed summary of all internet activity, to enable companies to assess productivity levels. IT technicians can also enable real-time monitoring using icon, details or thumbnail views for a closer look at current activity.



- Chrome Agent

Chrome Agent

IT technicians can now gather a full hardware inventory from Chrome devices and enable real-time monitoring – using icon, details or thumbnail views, to gain an overview of current activity, as well as receive hardware and software alerts. They can also access the activity monitoring tool which provides a single time-based summary of all activity by a specific user, PC or department., presented in a chronological view and monitor internet usage.



User Management

Activity Monitoring

- Activity Monitoring

NetSupport DNA now provides a single time-based summary of all activity by a specific user, PC or department. Presented in a chronological view, it shows technicians what time the logon session began and ended, as well as what applications were used and when, plus internet usage – over a set time period. This time-saving feature means that technicians now don’t have to look at each area separately and can instead see all the information at a glance in one location.




- Profiles

To provide maximum flexibility and to help save time, NetSupport DNA allows you to create multiple profiles for different groups of devices or users (e.g. department level), each with its specific component settings. This means dedicated settings (such as internet access, print metering and much more) can be applied to specific departments e.g. Marketing (for Facebook).


- Logon Control

Logon Control

Helping to boost security, NetSupport DNA now prevent users from logging on to more than one PC at a time. The user can be prevented from logging on to a second PC while still logged on the original PC – or they can log on to the second PC and be automatically logged out of the first PC.

IT staff are alerted of users who are simultaneously logged into multiple PCs. Following these alerts, IT technicians are able to log the user out and follow up to ensure the login credentials are not being misused.


Locate a User

- Locate a User

NetSupport DNA allows anyone with a DNA agent installed on their machine (if the feature is enabled) to locate another logged-on user and then send them a message. This may be useful for staff members that do not have the NetSupport DNA Console installed, but need to find and contact other users in the company.



- Bookmarks

NetSupport DNA allows you to create and place bookmarks within the PCs, Users and Devices Tree views. This may be useful if you have a large or complex Tree structure, as it allows you to quickly navigate to the place you want to work with.



Enhancements in v4.5


Console security – enhanced

Console security – enhanced

To help save time, a reset option is now available to allow the Console user to reset their password if their account has been locked out (and specific criteria is met).



Explorer – enhanced

Explorer – enhanced

To give technicians a more accurate overview of device activity, we’ve increased the thumbnail refresh rate speed to ensure all view modes are up-to-date. In addition, the Explorer mode is now available from the Users Tree view, so that they are able to see data from users – as well as what profiles have been assigned.

A new filter tool can be used to only show logged on users within the explorer view, so that PCs powered on but not in use are excluded from views. In the details mode, Performance data such as real-time network traffic, CPU and memory uses for each PC is now displayed to help give an instant view of network health.


New Features in v4.4

IT Asset Management solution, NetSupport DNA, now includes even more features to support the effective management of business technology. The new version delivers yet more cost and time-saving tools whilst increasing security even further.




Raising the product’s security capabilities, a secure Vault component allows storage of serial numbers, passwords and any other confidential IT data. Access to the Vault can be restricted to specific console users and activity can be recorded against the central DNA audit trail to help prevent against any unauthorised views or amends.



System Audit

System Audit

Security is boosted further by the addition of the powerful system audit component. This will track all selected console activity by staff, records when policies or settings are changed, entries are added or deleted or where rights are changed for any DNA user – so technicians have a record of what has happened and when.



Extended multi-site support

Extended multi-site support

For larger multi-site organisations, NetSupport DNA’s enhanced data queue allows incoming data from the DNA agents to be quickly processed by the server, reducing the lag time between agent and console. This ensures the console data is always refreshed, providing an up-to-date overview of all activity - no matter how many IT assets you're managing.



Optimised query tool

Optimised query tool

Within the reporting tool, new totalling options have been added, providing greater flexibility on custom reporting. Questions now include a range of new options for totalling custom reports, like setting a max value.

This helps to identify the largest value within your custom search more efficiently, saving you time by avoiding a manual search.



Database Maintenance - New Data Size tab

Database Maintenance - New Data Size tab

The database maintenance utility allows the administratior to easily maintain and cleanse various parts of the DNA database, from deleting data, PCs and applications to importing data files. The latest version now includes a new Data Size tab as the first option. This tab displays the number of records and data size for items such as internet metering and application metering, providing you with the information needed to keep the NetSupport DNA database at a manageable size.


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