NetSupport DNA is a powerful, yet easy to deploy and use IT Asset Management suite.

At the heart of NetSupport DNA is the ability to monitor and manage all of your computers across your network and provide clear and concise reporting and management options. It is provided in a modular format to ensure you select the features that are both most relevant to you and likely to leverage the largest cost savings for your organisation.

So what can NetSupport DNA do for you?

Let's start with the basics included in our solution:

arrow Hardware Inventory - automatically discover and track all of your IT equipment, providing individual and group reports for all computers. Track changes and group when required by type, upgradability or your own criteria. NetSupport DNA also allows you to record purchase information, lease details and maintenance renewal schedules to aid in easy asset management.
arrow Software Inventory - report back across the enterprise a full summary of all installed programs (e.g. MS Office), installed applications (e.g. MS word) and even locally stored files (e.g. Myletter.doc). NetSupport DNA ensures you know how many copies of software you have licensed, if you need more licenses and equally if you could save costs and purchase less. Knowing what documents are stored locally on each computer allows you to spot files that are not being backed up or files (e.g. MP3s) that are wasting valuable disk space.
arrow History - the key to addressing issues with your IT assets is knowing what has changed on each and every PC over time. Did your users install an update, remove an application or did a piece of hardware disappear.
arrow Users - IT assets are typically assigned to users and departments. NetSupport DNA seamlessly allows you to manage your user information, including adding custom data, to ensure you have a full picture of ownership and use across your organisation.
arrow Alerting - most solutions provide information to the IT Manager and allow them to scan the information and identify issues. NetSupport DNA is proactive, with hundreds of possible alerts available to instantly warn of potential issues either on an individual PC or the network as a whole. Alerts can range from: Warn if CPU utilisation exceeds X% for x minutes; Disk space falls below X%; The following service is stopped; An application is installed; Total licences installed exceeds limit; Web server services fail; and much more.
arrow Energy - challenging times increase our awareness of trying to keep costs to a minimum. The energy monitor included in NetSupport DNA provides a simple summary across the enterprise of computers and their power usage. Key to its value is identifying energy usage out of hours, highlighting departments where computers are left on at night or over the weekend.
arrow Reporting - NetSupport DNA produces reports for you in three formats: customisable on-screen reports, custom query reports allowing you to drag and drop any data value within NetSupport DNA into a report and apply filters and conditions, and finally management-designed Crystal reports providing high level statistics.

All of the above are standard in each NetSupport DNA pack, each feature focused on ensuring cost savings for your organisation. Detailed inventory allows PCs to be identified for upgrade rather than replacement, software inventory ensures you only update and maintain the licences you actually need, alerting ensures you have the best chance to avoid costly user downtime and our energy monitor helps reduce wastage across the enterprise.

Want even more Control?

NetSupport DNA is also available as a larger pack, which includes all of the features above but also offers:

arrow Application Metering and Control - It's great to know which applications are installed on your enterprise, and this helps keep a close view on software licensing. However, just because an application is installed on a user's computer, doesn't mean they use it. Rather than pay for costly updates on all applications installed, NetSupport DNA allows you see which applications are used by which user, for how long and at what times of day. It even goes another step and allows you to decide who can and cannot use each application, by user or department, and as a result you can guarantee your licences remain compliant.
arrow Internet Metering and Control - Just like application metering, internet metering allows you to monitor usage by all your users of the internet. Quickly see the most popular sites in use, time spent by user and department and most importantly, manage it. NetSupport DNA allows you to block specified sites, either fully, or simply by time of day. In seconds you can limit access to social networking sites to only before and after working hours and lunchtime. Deployed effectively, NetSupport DNA can significantly reduce your network load, lost productivity and security risks from inappropriate websites.
arrow Software Distribution - Often the most time is spent installing updates and new applications for your user base. NetSupport DNA makes the job easy by allowing you to create installation packages for each software application. Once created you can push them to selected computers or schedule delivery. Unique to NetSupport DNA however is the ability to also publish applications by department. When Mr Smith moves from Accounts to Sales, all of the software packages he needs will be available for him to pull down and install on demand.

As you would expect, NetSupport DNA works securely and silently across any Windows environment. It will integrate with your existing AD environment if present and typically takes 30 minutes from download to reporting live on your IT assets.

Our free 30 day download can be deployed to 50 computers giving you the comfort of seeing it in action before you need to consider a purchase.


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