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Three new briefings for schools
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This summer, the House of Commons and its Library have released some briefing papers that make interesting reading for schools…

Fake news

The first is an interim report on “Disinformation and ‘fake news’”. This is a subject that has always been present but that seems to have escalated on an industrial scale over the last couple of years. We all know the multiple stories that have been in the news about the skewed reporting or presentation of facts as groups ....Read more

Holiday reading for teachers
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Social media is great for sharing – and teachers love it for exchanging ideas, classroom experiences and words of encouragement. But what if you want to share a whole shedload of recommendations all at once?

ICT Evangelist, Mark Anderson, has compiled a fantastic resource for teachers called “The Periodic Table of Educational Books to read today”. Essentially, this is a compilation of 82 educational books examining different aspects of the ....Read more

Today is a Very Important Day
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Here at NetSupport, we’re big fans of all IT staff – system administrators, IT technicians, network managers, the whole range of job titles – in schools and businesses alike, and we spend a lot of time making super software tools just for them to help make their demanding jobs easier, more efficient and streamlined!

Many staff don’t often notice the system administrator until there’s a problem with their technology. Then, they call up and expect an instant fix. Sometimes this is exactly what they get and ....Read more

Where next for your professional development?
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Author: Mark Anderson, ICT Evangelist 

It’s a brave new world out there for teachers. On a daily basis I can be sharing and learning from teachers from literally down the road or from anywhere around the world.  

I recently enjoyed and learned a lot in a blog post from Blake Harvard a teacher from the US sharing about how he is using research-informed techniques in his classroom such as dual-coding. I loved ....Read more

Young people and loneliness
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Amara has a great life. She’s in Year 11 and is often found hanging out with her two best friends, Kara and Sasha. They've known each other since primary school, chat about everything that’s important to girls their age and really, they’re more like sisters. At school, they also have a wider group of friends, but out of school, they’re happy being round at each other’s houses, with their families, out at the shops, listening to music, trying out new looks, or going ice skating.

Sarah is also in Year 11. She changed schools in the middle of Year 10 as her parents split up and her mum got a new job down south. She hasn't really managed to fit into any of the well-established friendship groups, and joining in with after-school activities isn't easy, as she doesn’t live in town; she has to travel in by bus from s....Read more

The summer holidays are nearly here!
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It’s what the kids have been waiting for all year – weeks and weeks and weeks to do all their favourite things. But all-too soon, some parents will hear the familiar cry of, “I’m bored!” – and that’s when things can start to go downhill. 

Not so this year! Mark Anderson, the ICT Evangelist, has written an eBook called “50 things to do this summer” and it contains some fabulous ideas of how kids can occupy themselves over the long break. From practical activities like making a kite, camping under the stars, baking cakes, juggling, and trying to break a world record, to simply just taking part in social activities with friends and family, or ....Read more

We’ve done it again! The EdTech Debate 3
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We’ve had a stack of really positive feedback from the previous two EdTech Debates we filmed, with many educators finding them extremely useful, especially for the app recommendations given by our experts. So we decided to film another one! For our third video, we headed over to North Wales for a fresh new take on things -  and thank goodness it was much warmer than the last time the gang got together back in February...

The cast
Our host with the ....Read more

How online content affects young people
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The issue of what appears online and how it affects young people is a recurring one, but unfortunately, it is impossible to control. After all, the online space is a vast arena that is accessible to everyone aged from zero to 100, from all walks of life, contains huge amounts of information and images on all the subjects you’ve heard of – any many that you haven’t. Different things affect people in different ways and for different reasons, so a filtering strategy to take account of all the variables would be impossible to create. 

Upsetting content
This month, South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL) has released a study into ....Read more

The best edtech for your summer
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Author: Mark Anderson, ICTEvangelist

It’s not long now until we break for our summer holidays and, like me, you might have all manner of activities and destinations lined up. Like many teachers, I’m sure that you’ll be wanting to spend a few weeks de-stressing and attending to the work/life balance issue you’ve been trying to address for the past three terms. A good place to start is to switch off a bit and so, whilst this post will be sharing some great things you can do to enjoy the best bits of being a teacher, I’ll also be sharing ideas about how you can ....Read more

New bullying prevention report released
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Bullying is one of the many perils of school life, but today, there are multiple organisations and charities out there raising awareness of its negative effects and encouraging schools and students to establish a culture of kindness in place of making life miserable for others.

This week, a new report has been published by Department for Education to coincide with Stand up to Bullying day on 13th June. The Approaches to preventing and tackling bullying document outlines some of the common strategies schools are using to deal with the problem: from focusing on preventative practices, creating an inclusi....Read more

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