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New features for NetSupport's 30th birthday!
NetSupport DNA 

Yes, that's right – 2019 is NetSupport's 30th birthday! So we thought it only fitting to mark the occasion by going all out to bring you a bundle of new features for NetSupport DNA's latest release (v4.7) and NetSupport School too, to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside now that the excitement of the festive period has finished…


 ....Read more

In praise of the Bett show
NetSupport DNA 

Author: Mark Anderson, ICT Evangelist

I love BETT. There. I’ve said it. It is one of those events that whilst you often cannot afford to go in terms of time, travel and being away from your classes, you really cannot afford not to go either. Sure, you can keep abreast of things that are happening via social media, but there’s no substitute for being there and making those face-to-face connections. 
There’s no getting away from the fact that it is a trade show. Oh, how I wish BETT was more like ....Read more
It's the end of the year again!
NetSupport DNA 

2018 has been an action-packed year for the NetSupport team, especially over the last few weeks or so when we've taken part in what must be a record number of events for the RM Seminars and ICT for Education regional conferences. We've had a blast meeting so many of you at these roadshows and it's always fantastic to hear your feedback and ideas, as well as being able to show you how our education solutions can make life at your school so much easier! 

Reuniting our panel of top educators and specialists for the third in our series of edtech discussions back in ....Read more

Spotlight on safeguarding
NetSupport DNA 

As the Christmas break approaches, it's a good time for schools to revisit their eSafety provision just to check that they're doing all they can to safeguard their students as they use school technology in line with official guidance from the Department for Education and Ofsted. 

For those schools already using NetSupport DNA, here's a run-down of features to consider if you're not yet using them as part of your eSafety strategy…....Read more

Young people and screen time
NetSupport DNA 

The Commons' Science and Technology Committee is currently conducting an inquiry on the impact of social media and screen use on young people's health – and oral evidence was published on 13th November 2018.

It's a subject of much interest at the moment as there is, a) a reported increase in mental health issues amongst young people, and b) the impact of increased 24/7 access to the internet via smartphones, which can't be ignored. Both of these things have ....Read more

Gaming, gambling and loot boxes: how young people are affected
NetSupport DNA 

This month, the Gambling Commission has released an updated report on children and gambling trends, which makes for interesting, if dismaying, reading.

The Commission took a survey of 2,865 11-16 year olds across the UK while they were in school. The aim was to discover how common gambling is amongst this age group and to explore their behaviours around it and attitudes to it.

Unsurprisingly, the results revealed ....Read more

Universal Children's Day
NetSupport DNA 

Today is Universal Children's Day. Established by the United Nations in 1954, the day is celebrated across the world on 20th November every year to highlight children's rights and raise awareness of the need to work together to improve their welfare. The day is also significant as it is the anniversary of the adoption of the Convention of the Rights of the Child by the UN General Assembly in 1959.

One of the rights that children are entitled to (and one that we fully support at NetSupport) is the right to education. On a global scale, not only does education play ....Read more

Choosing respect this Anti-Bullying Week
NetSupport DNA 

This week is Anti-Bullying Week. All across the UK, schools are holding discussions with students about the choices we make in our behaviour when interacting with others we come into contact with every day, both in school and out of it.

Anti-Bullying Week is run by the Anti-Bullying Alliance; a group of like-minded organisations that work tirelessly to stamp out the scourge of bullying in our schools, homes and ....Read more

Creativity – a journey through time and tech
NetSupport DNA 

These days, creativity is a highly prized attribute. In a world that is moving fast through new stages of technology, it seems that all universities want creative thinking students and every business wants creative thinking staff on its pay roll. But where does creativity come from and how do we develop and support it?

Unicorns and dinosaurs

Some of the most natural creative thinkers on the planet are ....Read more

It's Digital Citizenship Week!
NetSupport DNA 

Across the USA, this week is Digital Citizenship week; a time for schools to really focus on how they are helping their students to develop good digital habits that will set them up for the future.

Positive digital interactions and responsible online behavior are the cornerstones of good digital citizenship, helping to protect students from harm and encouraging them to act towards others in the manner that they would like and expect others ....Read more

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