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The summer holidays are nearly here!
7/12/2018 3:14:00 PM

It’s what the kids have been waiting for all year – weeks and weeks and weeks to do all their favourite things. But all-too soon, some parents will hear the familiar cry of, “I’m bored!” – and that’s when things can start to go downhill. 

Not so this year! Mark Anderson, the ICT Evangelist, has written an eBook called “50 things to do this summer” and it contains some fabulous ideas of how kids can occupy themselves over the long break. From practical activities like making a kite, camping under the stars, baking cakes, juggling, and trying to break a world record, to simply just taking part in social activities with friends and family, or doing some random acts of kindness – there are some really great ideas to keep kids of all ages occupied.

Mark taps into kids’ fascination with tech for many of the ideas, offering links to help with activities as well as videos to inspire them.

So this is a must-read for everyone. Teachers, there may be ideas that you can adapt and use in your classes – and if you’re a parent who wants to prevent your kids from playing PlayStation for days on end, then it’s a handy resource for you too!

Click here to read the full eBook.

And, if you’re an iPhone or iPad user, get the iBook version here or download it from iTunes here.

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