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Holiday reading for teachers
8/2/2018 10:36:00 AM

Social media is great for sharing – and teachers love it for exchanging ideas, classroom experiences and words of encouragement. But what if you want to share a whole shedload of recommendations all at once?

ICT Evangelist, Mark Anderson, has compiled a fantastic resource for teachers called “The Periodic Table of Educational Books to read today”. Essentially, this is a compilation of 82 educational books examining different aspects of the art of teaching, covering digital leadership, CPD, classroom management, literacy, creative thinking, assessment and behaviour and so much more. Mark has read all of these books himself (no mean feat!) and the table is a great resource you can refer back to time and again. He’s also made it super easy for you to buy the books you like the sound of by including links to Amazon for each one.

So we won’t keep you waiting any longer – to see “The Periodic Table of Educational Books to read today”, click below!


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