Proactive alerting - with NetSupport DNA

Save Time

Quick installation and set-up time Quick installation and set-up time

So you can be up and running and collecting data as soon as possible, we designed NetSupport DNA to be intuitive and easy to use. In fact, you can have it installed and operational within 30 minutes –without having to read handbooks or manuals.

So that you can start seeing data straight away, we've built in a clear, logical "welcome" dashboard that instantly gives you real-time statistics on how your IT assets are performing: from how many PCs have been activated this week, to how many programs have been installed and how many system alerts have been issued – giving you instant visibility over your network.

Throughout the product, NetSupport DNA gives you quick and logical access to all of your organization's IT data – without you having to carry out extensive analysis.

See, you've saved time already!

Sit back and deploy Agents in seconds Sit back and deploy Agents in seconds

Once you've installed NetSupport DNA and have your server and console components in place, all you need to do now is deploy the agents. In fact, you don't even physically need to do it, as NetSupport DNA provides the tools to discover PCs and then deploy itself onto them. It will even monitor the network in the future to warn you when new PCs are added.

What's more, the DNA agent allows you to capture inventory information across all leading platforms, meaning you can even keep track of mobile devices.

How easy is that?!

Real-time monitoring to identify and resolve safeguarding issues Real-time monitoring to identify and resolve safeguarding issues

Keeping an eye on all PCs on your network is extremely time consuming, especially in real time. Without easily identifying which PCs have current notifications or active polices in place, how can you prioritize your time and resolve the most urgent issues first?

With NetSupport DNA's Explorer mode, monitoring PCs' current activity and active notifications has never been simpler. With three viewing formats – Icon, Details or Thumbnail view – (where the PC screens are visible), you can quickly view and prioritize which PCs need immediate attention; making you more efficient. Within the Details view, you can also see a visual summary of all active policies applied to each PC. You can then right-click on any PC to launch on-the-fly PC-specific features such as: power on/off, chat, remote control, send messages and more.

NetSupport DNA also provides a single time-based summary of all activity by a specific user, PC or department. Presented in a chronological view, it shows technicians what time the logon session began and ended, as well as exactly what applications were used and when, internet usage and any triggered safeguarding keywords – over a set time period. This time-saving feature means that technicians now don’t have to look at each area separately and can instead see the full picture of activity, at a glance in one location. For example, if there was a specific internet safety event, a technician or school counselor could review exactly what took place before and after the incident occurred.

Proactive auto-discovery finds new devices – so you don't have to Proactive auto-discovery finds new devices – so you don't have to

The once time-consuming, manual task of physically adding any new devices to the network and keeping track of them has now been transformed. NetSupport DNA takes all the hard work out of this by providing proactive auto-discovery of devices – and simply gives you the option of whether to deploy an agent out to devices or not, so you can manage them in the future.

Once you've set NetSupport DNA to work for you, it will constantly monitor your network and identify any new PCs that join – saving you time that you can now redirect elsewhere.

Automatically discover and track SNMP devices Automatically discover and track SNMP devices

Working in tandem with Auto-discovery, you can configure NetSupport DNA to actively scan your network and identify SNMP-enabled devices (such as routers, switches and printers) – further saving you time and increasing the visibility of your IT assets.

The SNMP module will also trigger your own customized alerts should any issues arise. And for extra efficiency, you can set DNA to automatically send them to designated technicians or pre-defined email accounts, so you or they can take swift action to remedy any problems and keep your networked devices running smoothly for optimum system uptime.

Make informed decisions on hardware – fast! Make informed decisions on hardware – fast!

With one of the most comprehensive and detailed Hardware Inventory modules available on the market today, NetSupport DNA gathers a huge amount of data from each of your devices: from CPU and BIOS types, to network, video and storage information – saving you a time-consuming task.

You can run inventory reports for a single PC, or a department – or even create your own condition-based "dynamic groups" to report on the data you need from across your whole school network.

These reports give you a clear view over your IT assets, showing you at a glance which PCs can be upgraded rather than replaced, or where hardware can be redeployed to other staff or students; preventing unnecessary spending on items that could otherwise have been reused.

What's more, the requirement for manual monitoring of hardware is completely removed with the ability to monitor any subsequent changes to each asset in the future – freeing up your time to be able to attend to other tasks.

For added flexibility and more efficient support, a standalone, free mobile Console app is available, so you can access the enterprise data you need, even while away from your desk.

<strong>Quick installation and set-up time</strong> Instantly learn from History to inform problem resolution

Just to ensure you're fully informed at all times and don't need to go searching for previous changes to a PC at the point of a problem occurring, NetSupport DNA automatically scans and records all the hardware and software changes that take place − a great way to support problem resolution in the future.

Keep on top of issues quickly with proactive alerts Keep on top of issues quickly with proactive alerts

No organization wants to experience IT downtime. But NetSupport DNA can help you minimize this with its proactive Alerting suite – forewarning you of potential issues, so you can deal with them before they escalate into problems.

Tackling big IT problems can take significant amounts of time; affecting staff and students and incurring financial – or even reputational costs for your organization. So to help you work proactively to maintain your network (rather than fixing it reactively), NetSupport DNA gives you a complete alerting suite that allows you to monitor hundreds of scenarios and warn you when problems occur − or, better still, before they occur − to avoid lost productivity.

You can customize the frequency and level of alerts for your systems and cover a multitude of scenarios − anything from disk space running low; network utilization too high; a key service (such as anti-virus) being stopped; detecting a specific warning in a PC event log; through to unwanted changes of hardware; unauthorized software being installed; and much more.

Included as standard, the Alerting module is a real value-add for any IT team; helping you work smarter by proactively saving time.

Free up your time with automated software distribution Free up your time with automated software distribution

Traditionally, campus-wide software installation has been a huge task, often involving repetitive, out-of-hours work to visit each PC individually to make sure its software is up to date.

Now, NetSupport DNA offers you a highly customisable option to distribute software to multiple users – saving you copious amounts of time by automatically delivering software at times when network traffic is at its lowest.

Using the Application Packager, you can create and push software packages to all PCs across your network, either immediately or scheduled for a convenient time. By recording the user prompts, keystrokes and mouse clicks that are used during a test installation, you can automate these on a live deployment – and bypass the need for operator intervention.

In addition, you can assign these packages to selected departments and "advertise" them so that users can select and "pull" them down for installation as required. So, let's say you have a new starter in the Admin team: that user will be able to see all the applications available to them in their system tray, and they can "pull" down and install them at their convenience − alleviating the lengthy process of multiple software installations for your IT team.

Comprehensive software inventories available at a glance Comprehensive software inventories available at a glance

As with its Hardware Inventory, the NetSupport DNA agent works actively to gather information about all the software installed on each PC across your school or campus – so you always have up-to-date software inventory information to hand.

You'll see a detailed summary of all programs and applications installed on each PC, including Windows 8 and 10 store apps. NetSupport DNA can display the information for a selected PC, a department or a custom group, so, for example, you can see at a glance the versions of software that are in place and whether they are consistent across departments.

A further benefit of NetSupport DNA's comprehensive software inventory feature is that it includes a file scan option. You can use this to identify files of a certain type installed locally on devices and ensure work documents are not being stored locally and missing company backup routines, for instance.

All this information, generated for you automatically, ensures you always have the most current data available to you to help plan your future IT needs.

Be sure your software Licenses are kept organized and compliant Be sure your software Licenses are kept organized and compliant

Since one of the largest single costs of IT Asset Management is the purchase and renewal of software Licenses, it's good to know that help is at hand to help you track and manage yours.

Eliminating the laborious task of manually checking and tracking software, NetSupport DNA's Software Module helps you maintain complete control of your License counts by supporting the ongoing management of all software Licenses for each department.

You'll be able to see where software is under-utilized and simply redeploy it where it is needed most. You'll also be able to ensure your organization remains License compliant with DNA's software reporting; once again saving you countless hours of manual checks.

NetSupport DNA's Software Module even keeps your administration in order by giving you the ability to record suppliers, purchase and invoice details, department or cost centre allocations and to track maintenance contracts as well as storing PDF copies of any supporting documents – saving you time lost looking for this information later on!

Managing users efficiently today will pay dividends tomorrow Managing users efficiently today will pay dividends tomorrow

Efficient management of your assets and the people who use them is central to running a well-organized network. If you're still relying on manual procedures or are not keeping constantly up to date with the status of your technology, then when a problem hits, without that groundwork in place, it's going to take extra time to fix – resulting in lost productivity.

NetSupport DNA provides you with a complete range of features to efficiently locate and manage users and assets within a networked environment. And as well as allowing you to tailor the data you wish to record about each person (name, department etc), DNA monitors your network and alerts you if user accounts are locked, giving you the tools to remotely unlock them, thereby minimising any downtime.

So you can support users quickly and easily, NetSupport DNA also monitors Active Directory accounts and warns you if any user accounts are locked or have expired passwords, giving you the chance to quickly unlock or reset them as required.

Other supporting tools include real-time chat and enterprise messaging; a real-time system status view for all devices; as well as a range of system admin features – all allowing you to keep users managed efficiently and giving you maximum visibility over your systems.

Produce reports quickly and easily Produce reports quickly and easily

Nobody likes producing reports for management. Collecting the data you need to analyze is usually the bulk of the task. This is especially true when reporting across an entire campus's assets and network.

The process is now made simpler – and much less onerous − with NetSupport DNA. Its custom query tool provides a simple drag and drop window on your DNA database, supported with conditional and sum-based features that mean you can create custom reports in minutes.

You can quickly and easily create on-screen and print-optimized reports. The on-screen reports are provided with supporting bar and pie charts and "live" drill down capabilities, for a clear illustration of the data.

As well as reporting on individual devices, users and departments, you can also create dynamic groups. You can define these for your campus and add them to the main organizational tree. A dynamic group could, for example, be to identify which PCs are upgradable and you could create this automatically from those that match the required conditional criteria – such as "all PCs with more than 'XX' GB RAM, 'XX' GB free disk space and XX processor type" and so on.

Print-optimized reports are designed for management reporting and you can schedule these to be automatically created and placed in a specified file location. You even have the option to print or export to PDF, DOC and XLS.

Now you can think differently about report data!

Stay informed – even when on the move Stay informed – even when on the move

Another time-saving measure in NetSupport DNA is its free, supporting mobile app to ensure key data is accessible to you, no matter where you are within your organization.

Giving you immediate access to detailed hardware and software inventories for any PC on your network, it also saves you time by including a QR code scanner to help you identify a PC – either from its on-screen QR code or the label fixed to the device - so you can have immediate access to all the information you need without having to return to your workstation.

You can also see histories of all hardware changes, software installations or removals, plus any new PC alerts that have been triggered – all in the palm of your hand.

You can download the free DNA Mobile Console app from the Google Play and Apple app stores.

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Cut your costs with NetSupport DNA

Reduce Costs

A single, complete solution A single, complete solution

Developed by NetSupport to provide an intuitive, easy-to-use solution with a host of value-added features, NetSupport DNA provides a "one stop" solution for the education sector. It is fully scalable to fit your needs and even includes tools such as endpoint security – normally a standalone solution – as standard.

Make informed decisions on hardware Make informed decisions on hardware

With one of the most comprehensive and detailed Hardware Inventory modules available on the market today, NetSupport DNA gathers a huge amount of data from each of your devices: from CPU and BIOS types, to network, video and storage information – saving your school the cost of you having to collect it manually and meaning you can re-direct your efforts to other tasks!

You can run inventory reports for a single PC, or a department – or even create your own condition-based "dynamic groups" to report on the data you need from across your entire enterprise.

These reports give you increased visibility over your IT assets – showing you at a glance which PCs can be upgraded rather than replaced or where hardware can be redeployed to other staff or students; preventing unnecessary spending on items that could otherwise have been reused.

To further help you keep track of your hardware costs, DNA's hardware inventory module allows you to attach copies of financial paperwork (such as invoices or lease agreements) to the PC it relates to – so you can instantly see when renewals and so on are due.

Save money on software licensing costs Save money on software licensing costs

NetSupport DNA's Software module is a highly practical tool that is designed to help you keep track of the Licenses you have installed and help to reduce unnecessary spending on Licenses that are not needed.

The module provides a detailed summary of all installed software, so you can instantly see what is on each of your PCs. And to alert you to even greater cost savings, DNA also highlights PCs with software that have no or low usage – allowing you to reallocate it to the staff or students who need it most, thereby avoiding costly renewals for software that you no longer require.

NetSupport DNA also provides the flexibility for you to drill down on software reports for a selected PC, a single department or a custom group, so that you can manage your Licenses (and your costs) in a way that is most convenient for you.

As an added bonus to help you track your software spending, the Software module has the ability to record all the "extras" associated with software management, for example: suppliers, purchase dates, invoice details and department or cost centre allocation – as well tracking maintenance contracts. Crucially, NetSupport DNA alerts you when renewals are due, so you can make an active decision on whether that software is still required, instead of it being renewed automatically and incurring a preventable cost.

Having a tight grip on your software allocation is vital; not only to keep an eye on your own compliance and costs, but also to ensure that you avoid any potential fines should your organization be audited.

Why monitoring application use is good for your budget Why monitoring application use is good for your budget

Monitoring application use ensures software Licenses are assigned to the right users and aren't renewed for those whose use doesn't match up to the level considered cost-effective for a particular program. Armed with this information, you can see where Licenses are needed most – and reallocate them; saving additional License spend in the process.

You can also protect your school or campus from exceeding its software License counts by restricting certain applications to specific departments, meaning your organization stays License compliant and free from the risk of software audit fines.

Application use data is also beneficial to help you assess productivity; giving you the times applications were started up and closed down, as well as the duration they were actively in use. This information gives you the advantage of being alerted to any application misuse and provides you with the ability to take action, if required, to prevent any possible cost-related impact it may have.

Do you know how much your enterprise could save on energy costs? Do you know how much your enterprise could save on energy costs?

Careful use of energy means smaller bills. It's common sense! We all try to do it at home, but for various reasons, that consideration often gets disregarded in a school or workplace.

To help increase savings for your enterprise, NetSupport DNA's Energy Monitoring and Power Management tools keep you informed by showing you how many PCs are left on out of hours – and, most importantly, how the costs of this can significantly add up over time.

NetSupport DNA's Energy Monitor checks to verify the powered-on state of all computers and its local monitoring component keeps an accurate record of each time a computer is powered on, off or hibernates. Once it knows the times of day each computer was operational, an average (and customisable) "power consumption per device" calculation is used, facilitating a baseline energy usage calculation for all your computers.

Once you have this information to hand, you can use the Power Management feature to schedule devices to power on or shut down PCs at certain times of the day. And DNA makes it easy for you to deploy a power management policy out to selected departments.

Many Organizations could instantly begin to benefit from such an easy cost-saving measure, if only they were conscious of just how much energy they waste. NetSupport DNA can begin to provide you with the awareness you need to start saving from day one.

Cut your printing expenditure Cut your printing expenditure

Another easy save for schools is to cut back on printing costs. Unnecessary printing can often spiral out of control, incurring high paper and toner costs.

The high-level Print Monitoring component of NetSupport DNA shows you exactly where your print costs are being generated. Of course, there will be areas where a high volume of print is expected – but DNA can often reveal surprise figures, allowing you to drill down and find out the reasons why.

You can define costs for printing (black and white, color and so on) either globally or against each different printer – and even monitor toner levels on SNMP-enabled network printers. You can then see a full overview of your printing activities from the product's central console view, allowing you to take the appropriate action to cut your expensive toner bills!

All of your lease and contract details in one place – where they belong All of your lease and contract details in one place – where they belong

School or campus purchasing procedures can often mean that financial and purchasing details are separated from the items they relate to. Wouldn't it be great if IT staff could retain copies of that information right next to the record of the technology it's associated with?

Now you can! DNA bridges the gap between IT and Purchasing for you, allowing you to keep copies of actual lease and maintenance contracts (and other associated details) recorded alongside the correct devices and Licenses. You can also include supplier details, contract term dates and costs – increasing your awareness of renewal dates and allowing you to retain control and make active, informed decisions about future planning and spending.


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Online safety - with NetSupport DNA

eSafety / Security

Protecting your students Protecting your students

Protecting students both proactively and reactively as they use technology is fast becoming one of the most important concerns across schools worldwide.

NetSupport DNA's new eSafety module has been developed with teachers, eSafety leads and worldwide organizations to ensure your school's eSafety policy is truly effective. Alongside the current internet monitoring and restrictions, webcam blocking, endpoint security and enforcement of schools' Acceptable Use Policies, NetSupport DNA includes a proactive "Report a concern" feature; a comprehensive Keyword and Phrase monitoring tool using advanced neurolinguistics technology; plus a list of online resources and helplines to enable students to access help independently. Staff can manage the pre-populated list and add any additional ones they feel are appropriate.

To learn more about each feature, click here.

Real-time monitoring to identify and resolve eSafety issues Real-time monitoring to identify and resolve eSafety issues

Wouldn't it be great if you could monitor current activity across all the PCs on your network and view which ones have activated triggers such as eSafety keywords, unauthorized USB sticks in use or a general alert? With NetSupport DNA's Explorer mode, you can. It allows you to view the PCs in three formats – Icon, Details or Thumbnail view – (where the PC screens are visible), and prioritize which PCs need immediate attention, ensuring high priority safeguarding issues are dealt with swiftly before they can escalate. Additionally it shows a visual summary of the active polices applied to each PC, thus making it easier to spot the PCs without a policy i.e. a student PC without an end point restriction in place.

Ensure system security with Internet and Application metering Ensure system security with Internet and Application metering

Let's be honest: who hasn't been tempted to click an intriguing web link while looking on the internet for lesson or work-related purposes? We all know how easily one link can lead to another and, over time (and multiplied by the total number of staff or students), this can soon spiral into wasted time that has a real impact on the overall productivity – and even the security − of your institution.

NetSupport DNA has a helping hand for you in the shape of its Internet and Application metering features, helping you to keep staff and students on task and working effectively in a secure environment.

DNA gives you the power to define lists of "approved" and "restricted" websites and applications – and it also allows you to choose the times of day that they are live. So, for example, to keep everyone on task, you may want to prevent staff or students accessing sites where they could potentially download malware − immediately improving the security of your systems.

To provide maximum flexibility, NetSupport DNA allows you to create multiple profiles for different groups of devices or users (i.e. year group or department level), each with its specific component settings. This means dedicated settings (such as internet access) can be applied to specific year groups, allowing the schools to implement age-appropriate monitoring and restrictions.

An extra security layer for your enterprise An extra security layer for your enterprise

IT security is always a priority for any educational environment, but often the challenge is finding an affordable, dedicated solution.

So in NetSupport DNA, we provide you with a USB endpoint security component − as standard. Usually a standalone solution, DNA's endpoint security allows you to define and control the use of removable USB devices on all PCs across your school – preventing sensitive data loss or virus infection from portable media, and controlling data access.

You can even assign individual memory sticks to dedicated staff or students – for the current day, a week or indefinitely – and restrict their use to specific individuals or team members, making certain that data is locked down should memory sticks happen to get lost.

So, with DNA's endpoint security in place, you can ensure that an extra layer of security has been applied to your IT enterprise.

Enforce Acceptable Use Policies for your organization's IT Enforce Acceptable Use Policies for your organization's IT

Common throughout the education sector – and increasingly used by enterprises − is the requirement for employees (or students, in an education setting) to sign Acceptable Use Policies.

These outline your organization's security and usage standards, and warn staff or students about the consequences of any misuse.

NetSupport DNA makes delivering these policies to all users easy for you with its dedicated AUP feature. Using its in-built templates or uploading your own custom agreements, you can configure DNA to deliver and track AUPs for you – alleviating an administrative burden and ensuring everyone is aware of (and agrees to adhere to) your school or college's policy on technology use.

Your data stays put Your data stays put

With NetSupport DNA, all of your asset data remains completely under your control within your school or campus.

Unlike other products, NetSupport DNA supplies everything you need in a single download. The server and database components are installed locally, ensuring all of your staff and students' data remains safely within your secure network.

Simple, effective security.

Control CD and DVD drives Control CD and DVD drives

NetSupport DNA also offers you the option to control the use of CD and DVD drives.

You can block them altogether, limit them to read-only access or allow them to be used but prevent any direct execution of files from them. This means you can control and − in conjunction with the Internet and App modules − prevent new software being installed or run on any PC, meaning that you can be sure there are no surprises lurking!

Keep a check on your network applications Keep a check on your network applications

Prevent the number of user-installed applications from spiralling out of control with the help of application whitelists.

You can use NetSupport DNA to help you monitor and report on all application use and, within that, create lists of company-approved applications that you can assign to specified staff or departments. This will prevent any unknown and potentially unsecure applications from being downloaded and installed – thereby protecting your network from any possible security issues.

Be alerted to system security threats Be alerted to system security threats

Every organization needs to be alert to the possibility of serious hacks or security threats to their systems. Because the sooner you know about a threat, the sooner you can take action to alleviate it – right?

NetSupport DNA's powerful, proactive alerting suite is equipped with many alerts designed to help you maintain the security of your systems. These range from instant alerts when, let's say, an anti-virus solution has stopped, or a new application is installed, or the size of a known file changes – along with many others.

But to really help you cope with the major threats, the alerts are designed to operate in combination to highlight potential security risks and prevent system vulnerabilities. So, for example, alerts working in tandem with DNA's SNMP module may be triggered if the inbound traffic on your firewall exceeds a certain percentage for a pre-defined period of time, which might suggest a Denial of Service attack.

You can set many different types and combinations of alerts, and, once in place, you can be sure that NetSupport DNA will work proactively and warn you if your security is compromised.

No devices can sneak onto your network undetected No devices can sneak onto your network undetected

Protect your network by having up-to-date device information at all times. You won't find any surprise devices added to your network, because NetSupport DNA constantly monitors your systems and identifies any new devices it finds.

Once identified, you can remotely deploy the DNA agent onto compatible devices to ensure security policies and usage controls are enforced − ensuring that you will always have an up-to-date picture of your IT assets.

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