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Update on this year's exams
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Due to the current lockdown, school is out and the exams are cancelled. What does this mean for students who’ve been working hard in preparation to be tested this summer?

The Department for Education and Ofqual have been putting their heads together to come up with a viable plan for students who should have been taking GCSEs, AS and A-levels this year. They’ve decided that the most logical and best way forward is for teachers in schools and colleges to assess their work and put forward ....Read more

The great thing about boredom
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Right now, more than quarter of the world's population is in lockdown. Businesses and jobs are at stake. Education is on hold for millions of students. And we’re all confined to our homes. These are extraordinary times indeed.

Of course, many people who have jobs that can be done from home will be doing exactly that during the week – turning their homes into their workplaces and having to be strict with ....Read more

Set up remote working in 5 minutes
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Due to the current health emergency, everyone who can do so is having to work from home right now.

With the survival of businesses and the continuation of students’ education at stake, the team at NetSupport really wanted to do something to help make the transition a little easier for all kinds of remote workers, so we’re offering ....Read more

Perfect partners: technology and remote working
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It’s amazing how adaptable we can be when our hand is forced. We’re living in strange times, with Covid-19 bringing new restrictions and changes to our lives every day, but the only thing to do is to follow advice and be considerate in our interactions with others to prevent the spread of the virus as much as possible – and help to save lives.

Tech to the rescue

Technology is set to play an important role during our social distancing obligations, whether that’s using websites and ....Read more

Five ways to fight impostor syndrome
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Ever felt like a fraud? That you’re somewhere where you think probably shouldn’t be, because you’re not good enough? Amongst people who you think are just so much better than you?

Yep, that’s impostor syndrome. It happens to most of us at some point, whether we’re at school or in the workplace. It may not be lasting, but when it strikes, it’s useful to have the tools on hand to combat it.

Building confidence while at school can provide ....Read more

Spotting the fakes...
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Guest author: Henry Platten, founder of eCadets and GoBubble

As social media use increases across schools and specifically in the classroom, it’s important for teachers to be able to identify and deal with fake or inappropriate posts and unwanted followers quickly.

Social media use is widespread across educational communities and can provide an excellent tool to interact with other schools and learning practitioners as well as offering opportunities for ....Read more

Tech habits are changing – fast!
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This month, Ofcom published its “Children and parents: Media use and attitudes report 2019,” that reveals the use of technology by children and young people aged between 5 and 15-years-old – and also looks at the access of media by 3 and 4-year-olds.

It’s an interesting read. Covering the use of devices, TV viewing, gaming, internet use online safety and much more, the results provide a snapshot of how young people are using the technologies around ....Read more

Coming together for Safer Internet Day 2020
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In an ideal world, the internet would be safe for everyone to use. As it is, it’s a predominantly adult space that our children access regularly. If we, as adults (at home or in school), have put the safeguards in place to create a protected environment for them to do so safely, that’s a good start – but, as we know, that’s not the case for every child, some of whom are free (from a very young age) to go online at will on their own devices.

The internet can be a fun, informative and exciting place; connecting us as never before and bringing people together to make all sorts of things possible. However, there’s a ....Read more

Building in time to get to know technology
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We hear much about education technology and the possibilities it offers schools in educating students across all subjects. But with so many varied solutions available and schools choosing the ones that are the best fit for them, learning how to use lots of different edtech products is an uphill struggle for those teachers who may not be tech specialists.

Of course, some teachers are technology experts - and using all kinds of tech in their lessons to bring their ....Read more

Four things we loved about Bett 2020…
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We can’t quite believe it’s nearly a week since we were down at London ExCeL setting up for Bett! Now that the dust has settled and we’ve had a chance to sit back and think about it all, we thought we’d share four top things we loved about our experience at the 2020 show…

1. It’s teamwork-tastic!

Bett really brings the company together as a huge project spanning all our teams. The teamwork starts months and months in advance and involves everyone in our ....Read more

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