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Providing continuity for teaching and learning
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There’s much talk of the ‘new normal’ and what that might mean for learning in the classroom. But did you know, if your school has a virtual environment, you could already be providing a sense of continuity and familiarity for your students by leading teaching and learning with NetSupport School – even though they’re working at home…

Many schools’ IT teams have already ensured their school has a virtual environment (RDP) for remote administration of their technology. The good news for teachers and students is ....Read more

New USA funding for schools and mental health
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The USA has recently brought in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES) to help the country deal with the fallout from the virus. It’s a momentous bipartisan act with a total fund package of $2.2trillion.

Of this sum, $13.5billion has been earmarked for the K-12 education sector, to be divided between all states and which will see the largest – Texas, New York and California – receive over $1billion each.

The funding can be used ....Read more

How creativity is helping lockdown mental health
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As of this day, the hashtag #crafts appears over 9.3 million times on Instagram...

Knitting, sewing, crochet, baking, drawing, paper cutting, marbling, macramé, origami, felting, pottery, calligraphy, gardening, creative writing, dancing, making music – as it happens, being creative really helps mental health and it seems that it’s what people have instinctively turned to ....Read more

Have you visited the NetSupport Knowledge Base?
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“Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing”.

This is a quote from Warren Buffett, American investor and philanthropist. And when it comes to technology, he’s right; a few missteps and you can be in a right pickle.

You may or may not know that, to help you avoid pickle-type situations with your NetSupport technology in your school or business, we have an online Knowledge Base that contains ....Read more

Coming together over the airwaves for education
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In this time of social distance, coming together in whatever ways we can is so important. This was the overriding theme that came through from our live NetSupport Radio broadcast this week.  

With our radio host and contributors dispersed across the UK – and some even calling in from the Middle East! – the discussions flowed as if they were all in a studio together, with Russell Prue expertly asking the questions to reveal their ....Read more

Tune in to NetSupport Radio's live show!
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As you know, NetSupport Radio was the official broadcaster at Bett this year, broadcasting interviews from a wide range of contributors live from the show floor. It was such a great experience that we thought we’d bring all you educators out there a little light relief to lockdown by doing another live broadcast next Wednesday, 22nd April!

Once again, we have broadcasting superstar, Russell Prue, hosting the show, bringing his own wealth of experience in education presenting to the proceedings. Plus, we’ve gathered ....Read more

Update on this year's exams
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Due to the current lockdown, school is out and the exams are cancelled. What does this mean for students who’ve been working hard in preparation to be tested this summer?

The Department for Education and Ofqual have been putting their heads together to come up with a viable plan for students who should have been taking GCSEs, AS and A-levels this year. They’ve decided that the most logical and best way forward is for teachers in schools and colleges to assess their work and put forward ....Read more

The great thing about boredom
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Right now, more than quarter of the world's population is in lockdown. Businesses and jobs are at stake. Education is on hold for millions of students. And we’re all confined to our homes. These are extraordinary times indeed.

Of course, many people who have jobs that can be done from home will be doing exactly that during the week – turning their homes into their workplaces and having to be strict with ....Read more

Set up remote working in 5 minutes
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Due to the current health emergency, everyone who can do so is having to work from home right now.

With the survival of businesses and the continuation of students’ education at stake, the team at NetSupport really wanted to do something to help make the transition a little easier for all kinds of remote workers, so we’re offering ....Read more

Perfect partners: technology and remote working
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It’s amazing how adaptable we can be when our hand is forced. We’re living in strange times, with Covid-19 bringing new restrictions and changes to our lives every day, but the only thing to do is to follow advice and be considerate in our interactions with others to prevent the spread of the virus as much as possible – and help to save lives.

Tech to the rescue

Technology is set to play an important role during our social distancing obligations, whether that’s using websites and ....Read more

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