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    Supporting social distancing in lessons
    6/12/2020 9:59:00 AM

    This week, the much-publicised plans to get primary school pupils back into school before the end of term were abandoned.

    Making the announcement, Secretary of State for Education, Gavin Williamson, said, "While we are not able to welcome all primary children back for a full month before the summer, we continue to work with the sector on the next steps, where we'd like to see schools who have the capacity, to bring back more children in those smaller class sizes, to do so, if they are able to do, before the summer holidays."

    The new goal is to have all students coming back in September. Whether that will be achievable or not remains an issue to be worked out, but, safe to say, students will need to be attending in one form or another, most likely part-time and in small groups.

    Once students do start to come back to school, if your school has NetSupport School installed, you can use it to help you with teaching a socially distanced class. If your students are spaced out across more than one room, for example, NetSupport School can help you to keep an eye on their progress and help them to maintain their focus on the activity in hand – all from your own screen. You can:

    • Match the layout of the physical classroom – or rooms – on your screen
    • Use internet and application metering to keep students on task
    • Use real-time instruction tools to lead the class in learning
    • View and control students’ screens
    • Plus, much more.  

    An additional advantage with NetSupport School is that students can use the help request or chat tools to ask for assistance from you without having to leave their desk and risk breaking the social distancing guidelines.

    To learn more about how you can make NetSupport School part of your plan to teach students dispersed between different rooms, click here.

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