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    Digital Strategy Guide v2 – coming soon!
    6/19/2020 9:19:00 AM

    Here’s some good news for everyone involved in managing and teaching in schools...

    Coming very soon, to a webpage near you, is a brand-new version of the immensely popular ‘Guide to Creating a Digital Strategy in Education’, written by Mark Anderson (ICT Evangelist) and Al Kingsley (Chair of a multi-academy Trust and MD of NetSupport)!

    These two experts know a thing or two about education, leadership, pedagogy, technology, best practice, governance – and so much more. And because of the great feedback generated by the original guide, plus the very quick switch to distance learning necessitated by the COVID-19 lockdown, it seemed like the perfect time to update it to take account of the new landscape schools now have to navigate.

    Now includes remote learning info
    The existing sections of the guide that are full of advice and tips for all stakeholders across the school when considering their digital strategy are now joined by a brand new section on Communication and Collaboration. This chapter examines online solutions for remote teaching and learning, the use of video communication tools and provides guidelines  for children, parents, teachers and schools on how to get the best out of them. In addition, there are ideas for teachers on how to make a successful switch of emphasis from in-class to remote learning – as well as tips for online collaboration to make things easier for everyone. 

    Real life experiences
    The guide also now features case studies from schools who have implemented and embedded their own digital strategies – and it’s inspiring to learn the steps they took in achieving it in each of their settings. There are additional case studies demonstrating best practice for data governance and GDPR as well as approaches to digital safeguarding. You can also read about one school’s selection and implementation of an online learning tool that is now embedded across the whole school and learn about the benefits that has brought to not just the students, but staff too.

    With feedback from readers and top educators and experts to follow on Twitter, version 2 of this guide is going to be a great resource! 

    With students out of school for three months now and an uncertain educational future ahead, it’s more crucial than ever that all school stakeholders can come together effectively to create a digital strategy that incorporates how edtech can be used effectively in-school and remotely. And, as with every strategy, if everyone is on board from the beginning, it has a much greater chance of success.

    So, coming soon: A Guide to Creating a Digital Strategy in Education v2 – we’ll let you know when it’s here!

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