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    It’s good to be green
    11/27/2020 3:20:00 PM

    The pandemic has completely dominated 2020. People in every corner of the globe have experienced its effects and have been touched by issues such as bereavement, lack of human contact in lockdowns or mental health problems in the struggle to keep safe and minimise the spread of the virus to others.

    But there’s another emergency still going on out there that it's been said that the pandemic is a symptom of, and that’s the climate crisis. For many, it may have lost its significance in the midst of our current situation, but it’s not going away and therefore it’s something we still need to be thinking about and acting upon.

    Every contribution is important, as when combined, everyone’s efforts come together to make a difference. So, even though the majority of countries and governments are trying to improve the ‘big stuff’ like lowering emissions, dealing with waste, controlling deforestation and so on, there’s still room for us all to do our bit. 

    Tech can help

    We all have an important part to play – and that includes schools. With a little help from technology, your school can become greener and your utility costs can be reduced too. NetSupport’s IT management and safeguarding solution, NetSupport DNA, is not just an important tool in terms of managing a school’s IT portfolio and keeping students safe online, but it can also provide insights and opportunities for cost saving that would not otherwise have been known.

    Take for instance, energy use. Careful use of energy means smaller bills. It's common sense! We all try to do it at home, but for various reasons, that consideration often gets disregarded in a school or workplace.

    To help increase savings for your school, NetSupport DNA's Energy Monitoring tool keeps you informed by showing you how many PCs are left on out of hours – and, most importantly, how the costs of this can significantly add up over time. And, once you have this information to hand, you can use the Power Management feature to schedule devices to power on or shut down PCs at certain times of the day – saving both energy and money.

    Another easy save for schools is to reduce printing costs. Unnecessary printing can often spiral out of control, but the print monitoring component of NetSupport DNA shows you exactly where your print costs are being generated, allowing you to drill down and find out the reasons why. With this insight,  you can then take the necessary steps to cut expensive print cartridge and paper bills!

    Recycling is good

    NetSupport DNA’s data also provides greater awareness of exactly which PCs can be upgraded rather than replaced – or where you can redeploy hardware to other staff or students; preventing unnecessary spending on items that can otherwise be reused. 

    To find out how your school can use NetSupport DNA to help save money – and more! –  read about its features here.

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