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    Why DNA’s ‘Report a concern’ tool is so important right now
    1/8/2021 11:56:00 AM

    So here we are: a new year and a new lockdown. In the UK, schools are technically ‘closed’ (even though vulnerable and key workers’ children are still attending, of course) and remote learning has once again been invoked, as per the direction of the Government.

    When they’re in school, students have the option of speaking to or messaging teachers about any problems or issues they may be having or if they are concerned about a friend, for example. However, during a lockdown, and with this option removed from them, they can feel suddenly alone and with nobody they can turn to. 

    The NSPCC has researched the risks of social isolation on school-age children and found that they are inclined to intensify as a result of the stress a lockdown brings. In addition, with young people spending yet more time online when deprived of the freedom to see friends and take part in social activities, the risk of online vulnerability or exploitation is also increased.

    A way to be heard remotely
    In the classroom, NetSupport DNA includes an easy way for students to share their worries in confidence to a trusted member of staff via the ‘Report a Concern’ tool. But even though teachers and students are currently separated from each other, schools using NetSupport DNA can still make that option available by adding a ‘Report a concern’ button to their website. This means that students still have a way to reach out to a trusted member of staff about their issue - via the internet, from any location and device, and at any time of day.

    Message received
    Even though we’re in a lockdown, school safeguarding staff can use DNA’s fully secure, cloud-based safeguarding console to view any concerns submitted by students in this way via their smartphone or tablet, whether they are moving around in a school or based at home. They can then assess each one and take the appropriate professional action – or even reassign them to other members of their team, if required.

    So whether students are attending school or learning remotely, NetSupport DNA can continue provide them with a way to reach out for support.

    To find out more about NetSupport DNA’s safeguarding features, click here

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