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    3 more ways to save money with NetSupport DNA
    4/16/2021 9:37:00 AM

    Knowing how important it is for schools to use every penny of their budgets wisely, we often highlight how NetSupport DNA’s energy saving and power management tools can help IT teams make quick and easy adjustments to prevent money being wasted. It’s a no-brainer to schedule DNA to switch PCs off out of school hours and during holidays, as well as for it to alert you to the state of printing across the school so you can tackle the issue of paper and toner wasted on printing multiple copies or wrong documents

    However, there are also other clever ways that NetSupport DNA can help IT teams achieve savings for the school; it’s just a matter of examining and interpreting the data that it gathers (and thankfully, there’s lots of that – great for evidence!), so you can make the right decisions for your context. Let’s take a look…

    1. Right applications, right people

    Monitoring applications not only reveals details of the time applications were started, finished and the time they were active for, but it can also ensure that licences are assigned to the right staff and students based on their usage level.

    2. Do you really need all those software licences?

    NetSupport DNA’s software inventory and licensing module keeps track of all the software licences you have installed across your school and helps you to reduce unnecessary spending on those that aren’t needed. It highlights solutions that are getting either little or no use at all, which could mean that you won’t need to renew those licences – kerching!

    This insight gives you the means to either reallocate applications to where they are more needed, restrict their use to specific devices, or save additional licence spend (and/or maintenance renewals) on under-used applications – decisions you can make based on the evidence provided by NetSupport DNA

    3. Upcycling made easy

    Hardware and software inventories provide you with a wealth of information about your school technology. You can run an inventory for a single device, department or bespoke group in your school. This makes it much easier to understand the status of the devices you have in relation to where they are and the solutions that are installed on them

    Hardware inventory data can show you which of your school’s PCs are upgradeable, which ones need to be replaced and which ones could be more effectively deployed elsewhere. With this information to hand, you can see the possibilities of your IT assets and it means you won’t necessarily need to retire an ‘old’ PC, if, with a little pimping it could be repurposed into a useable machine.

    So there we have it: three more ways that NetSupport DNA can help you make the most of your budget, thanks to that data it collects.

    For more details on NetSupport DNA’s features, click here. 

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