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    NetSupport DNA’s latest update helps you do more
    7/16/2021 8:52:00 AM

    We’ve just added some new features for schools in our new version of NetSupport DNA, version 4.9!  

    In addition to providing all the tools for you to track, monitor, manage and maximise your school or MAT’s technology, these new features also support multi-device management to help reduce technicians’ workloads and make doing things more efficient. 

    Do more in one go

    Carrying out specific tasks on multiple staff of student devices is now much easier for school IT technicians. You can simply bulk select staff or students to view different activity data, such as application usage, the memory status of the devices or even eSafety keywords.

    In addition to viewing this activity data, you can also bulk select staff or students and perform actions on multiple devices simultaneously, such as running PowerShell cmdlets and chat or messaging – making things more convenient and saving you time. 

    Greater safeguarding insight

    Meanwhile, as internet risks constantly change, we’ve kept an eye on the latest trends. The result is that NetSupport DNA’s built-in Safeguarding Suite now includes two new categories – Gambling and Cybersecurity – to help safeguarding staff to see the nature of any related triggered events from students more quickly and help keep them safer online.  

    Safeguarding staff can also add notes to all triggered events (not just the false positives). This includes noting the details of any follow-up actions and more – perfect for ensuring other safeguarding staff are kept updated. 

    To read more about how NetSupport DNA can help school technicians, click here.

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