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Responsible for IT across your school and/or district, you know better than anyone how technology is tightly embedded into schools and the importance of ensuring a reliable and secure network of devices. Yet with limited time and resources, maintaining this is challenging.

Designed to combat the issues that network managers, technology directors and IT staff regularly face, NetSupport DNA's technology provides you a detailed, real-time overview of all your school's IT assets. DNA works for you: it searches, tracks, monitors and manages all devices on your network, plus warns you of any issues. From hardware/software inventory; change tracking; software license management; USB endpoint security; proactive alerting and an easy-to-use software distribution module to assist with the wider management of school technology, DNA has everything you need – and even features you hadn't thought of!

In addition, schools are now required to ensure that the appropriate technology is in place to help protect students from terrorist or extremist material. Internet safety is just one aspect of ensuring technology keeps students safe, but you will be interested to know that NetSupport DNA offers schools other ways of safeguarding students, such as monitoring keywords and phrases and allowing students to report anything concerning them to teaching staff.

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