Cut your costs with NetSupport DNA v4

Every organization wants to save money, but how do you begin to calculate the amount you can save?

About you

To begin your calculation, you need to know:

Your currency:

Your total number of PCs, e.g.

Total number of software Licenses throughout the organization:

Annual *salary of your IT support staff:

Your NetSupport DNA License cost quote figure:


DNA can help you reduce the following costs by...

1. Avoid buying or renewing software Licenses unnecessarily

Software License reports show you where your unused Licenses are, so you can redeploy them or avoid buying additional copies.

PCs with unused software (%)
Average annual cost to upgrade and maintain each PC
Potential annual saving

2. Be aware of end-of-lease costs

Automatic alerts help you to manage automatic lease extensions and prevent extra costs of leasing PCs that are no longer needed.

If you don't have any PC leases, continue to the next section.

Leased PCs under-utilized (%)
Monthly rental cost for each PC (3)
Annual overspend savings

3. Redeploying hardware

Instead of buying new PCs, hardware and user usage reports can highlight underutilized PCs you can redeploy.

Number of PCs under-utilized
Cost to buy a PC (4)
Cost to buy software (5)
Total savings

4. Eliminate software non-compliance fines

Our Software Module ensures you don't exceed your License count or risk fines for unauthorized use.

Average BSA fine (1)
Likelihood of being audited (2)
Total risk savings

5. Enable swift problem resolution

Full inventory reports, history changes and alerts give you the information to help identify issues quickly − reducing downtime.

Average service desk calls per year (per PC)
Percentage of calls where lack of system information wastes time
Minutes wasted per call
Annual savings from wasted time

6. minimize the need for physical on-site support

Reduce travel costs to other sites with effective, secure remote control support.

If you don't have any off-site offices, continue to the next section.

Average time on site for 1 month (minutes)
Salary* of IT staff
Annual savings from wasted time

7. Make informed migration decisions

Real-time inventory and history data means you can plan and execute migrations with minimal disruption, plus you'll know instantly which PCs need additional upgrades to support new software.

Minutes wasted by not knowing system information (annually)
Percentage of workstations involved
Salary* of IT staff
Annual savings from wasted time

8. Increase user productivity

Controlling access to websites, social media and selected applications by time of day means you can keep users on task.

Percentage of computers assigned to users
Minutes spent on internet/ applications for personal use (per day)
Average user salary**
Annual savings from wasted time

9. Reduce energy costs

Auto-schedule when PCs are powered on and off − and shrink your organization's evening and weekend energy bills.

Number of PCs left on overnight
Number of hours left on - outside business hours (6)
Energy used per typical PC per hour (watts) (7)
Average cost of power per hour (7)
Annual energy saving

10. Reduce print costs

Print monitoring will highlight approximately where your costs are generated, helping you to cut bills in the right places.

color prints incl paper (7)
Black and white prints incl paper (7)
No of prints per user per year (8)
Percentage of unnecessary prints)
Annual print savings

So how quickly will you achieve your ROI?

Annual savings using NetSupport DNA =

Savings per day =

Total investment cost =

ROI is achieved in Days!



Also, don't forget to consider the impact of data loss or malware from unauthorized use of portable media:

  • If your systems went down for a week, what would it cost? Would you lose customers?
  • If customer data was lost, could your business recover from the hefty fine?
  • If data was only stored locally and not backed up securely on a server, what impact could losing it have on your business?

Endpoint security allows you to define and control the use of removable USB devices across your organization. By assigning USBs to specific users, you can ensure data on lost sticks can't fall into the wrong hands. Aditionally, DNA's file scan option can be used to identify files of a certain type installed or saved locally on devices, ensuring work documents don't miss company backup routines.


*(Based on average 2015 wage - IT Job Watch)
** (Based on 2014 stats:
2. Source: InformationWeek 2014 Software Licensing Survey
3. Based on retail value:
4. Based on current retailer prices
5. Based on average cost to buy Microsoft Office License
6. Based on an 8-hour working day
7. Based on DNA calculations
8. Source: IT Pro,