A complete ITAM suite of tools for managing and monitoring your IT assets across the enterprise.

With versions for both corporate and education, NetSupport DNA is an IT Asset Management and monitoring suite designed first and foremost to be easy to install, deploy and use. Download a free 30 day trial and you can be operational and gathering inventory within 30 minutes... without the need to use third party services or send any of your data outside of your network.

Latest features in v4.75 - Out now!

Block windows by title
In addition to restricting websites and applications by their specific name, Apps and Games can now be blocked or restricted by their window’s title, helping technicians to add a broader layer of security while keeping staff on task. For example an application with the word ‘multi-player’ included in the title can immediately be blocked during working hours but allowed after, if appropriate.
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Spotlight feature
Using Explorer mode, technicians can now use the Spotlight feature to help them see more details about a selected PC (e.g. any applications, services, websites and processes in use), all in a single glance. Services can be stopped and restarted remotely as required. It also provides another way to quickly add applications/websites to blocked lists instead of navigating through to the web or application components and adding them separately.
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Enhanced login and password controls
A user can now be authorised to log on to multiple PCs at once (between 1 and 5). Plus, as an extra layer of support for the IT team, the master console password can now be easily reset internally, allowing the IT team to continue its daily tasks without disrupting productivity.
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Performance improvements
NetSupport DNA has had a boost under the covers to significantly improve its performance when working with larger installations.
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Key features

New and enhanced platform support
In addition to Windows, NetSupport DNA’s platform support has been extended to include iOS, Chrome – as well as enhancing its Mac OS X support – to help organisations control, monitor and support users in a multi-platform environment.
Software Metering
Reports application use by both user and device and provides the tools to restrict where and when applications can be used.
Internet Metering
Provides a detailed summary of internet activity on each PC, including start and finish times for each URL visited as well as active time.
Hardware Inventory
Provides one of the most comprehensive and detailed Hardware Inventory and change tracking modules available on the market today.
Software Licensing
Designed to help companies manage licence compliance and reduce software overspend by reporting and tracking installed software.
User Management
A range of features to support staff including AD account management, user acceptance policies and much more.
Print Monitoring
A simple and effective feature where individual printers across the enterprise are automatically identified and usage monitored.
Also featues:
Explorer Mode, Energy Monitoring, Device Auto-Discovery, Software Inventory, Application Metering, Enterprise Alerting, Software Distribution, Power Management, Endpoint Security, Ease of Installation, Acceptable Use Policies, SNMP Discovery, Reporting, Mobile Inventory Remote Control (Optional) and Service Desk (Optional).
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Key benefits

Save time Save Time

Save Time From proactive warning alerts of issues across the network, to device auto-discovery; bulk software distribution; and mobile apps so you can access key data on the move, NetSupport DNA saves you a whole heap of time.

Reduce Costs Save Money

With its constant supply of real-time statistics to help you manage your assets and avoid system downtime and its associated costs, NetSupport DNA ensures you achieve a swift return on your investment.

Add Security Add Security

NetSupport DNA supplies you with the essential tools to safeguard your systems and shield them from security threats - whether external or internal - keeping your organisation’s IT systems secure and running efficiently.

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