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Boost online safety and digital citizenship

With NetSupport DNA, your school gains a built-in online safety toolkit to help maintain a safe learning environment, classroom management tools to help teachers leverage the full value of technology-enhanced learning and promote good digital citizenship, as well as network and IT management tools to help IT teams effectively manage their school’s IT assets and endpoints from one central place.

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    What do students need to learn about digital citizenship?

    Increasingly, digital citizenship isn’t being taught exclusively as a standalone subject, but is woven into every lesson that students use technology for. There are four main areas that are considered essential for students to know about.

    Embedding digital citizenship skills

    ‘Digital citizenship’ is the skills and knowledge that form the foundation of appropriate and responsible internet use. With increasingly digital-led teaching in schools, there is a responsibility to incorporate digital citizenship skills into the curriculum – and embed them consistently across all subject areas.

    Spotting the fakes

    Being able to identify honest information online is crucial. As students gain essential critical analysis skills in all curriculum areas, they will begin to be able to recognise what is genuine and what is not. Staff may wish to ask them to reference and identify sources of information they have used in their work as part of this learning exercise.

    Awareness of social media’s impacts

    Staff and students could begin by talking about the differences between how people present themselves on social media and what is real. This helps build their awareness of the reality of fake profiles and misleading information online. It’s also an ideal opportunity to discuss issues around social media usage and mental health.

    Being respectful online

    Students must learn that online interactions are not faceless, but take place with real people, just like them. Using digital codes of conduct or online policies are positive steps towards tackling cyberbullying, hate speech and abuse and can encourage students to take responsibility for their online interactions.

    What features are included in NetSupport DNA?

    eSafety tools

    NetSupport DNA helps schools to encourage greater digital citizenship and fulfill their internet safety duties by providing the tools to identify students at risk and concerning trending topics, prevent students being exposed to inappropriate online content, and enable students to report their concerns – all in line with ISTE/CIPA guidance.


    • Age appropriate internet filtering
    • Multi-language keyword libraries
    • Keyword and phrase monitoring
    • Vulnerable student detection
    • Contextual intelligence
    • Student ‘Report a Concern’
    • Teacher ‘Add a Concern’
    • Online support resources
    • Risk index to prioritize high severity events
    • Operates independently of the IT team
    • Screen capture/record
    • Enforce Acceptable Use Policies
    • Set user views
    • Plus much more!

    Classroom Management tools 

    In addition to providing award-winning collaboration, control, and assessment tools, our classroom management solution (Included in NetSupport DNA) also helps teachers to create a safe learning environment and promote good digital citizenship.

    • Show a teacher’s or student’s screen to the rest of the class to promote positive use
    • Keep students informed as to which applications or sites are available to use
    • Monitor all student internet use via real-time thumbnails
    • Real-time keyboard monitoring of each and every student
    • Use ‘Safe Search’ to add an extra layer of protection on leading search engines


    • Testing and assessment tools
    • Digital Journals of lesson content
    • Real-time instruction tools
    • File collection and distribution
    • Virtual whiteboard
    • Plus much more!

     IT Asset Management tools 

    Using NetSupport DNA, IT technicians can track, monitor and manage all IT assets and endpoints across a school or district and its multiple sites from a central point – providing secure, fast and flexible management of a school’s IT infrastructure.


    • New efficiency view for maximising edtech
    • New data retention policy to support data protection
    • Hardware inventory
    • SNMP device discovery
    • Software license management
    • Internet metering/control
    • Application metering/control
    • Endpoint security
    • Proactive alerting
    • Energy monitoring and power management
    • User management
    • Activity monitoring
    • Multi-site support and management
    • Powerful Remote Control
    • Reporting tools
    • Plus much more!

    Why choose NetSupport?

    We have 33 years’ experience in developing education software – and with many NetSupport staff also having additional roles within the education sector, we have a complete understanding and insight into the world of edtech.

    Global success
    NetSupport products are available in over 120 countries worldwide and currently support over 19 million users. The products are available in multiple languages.

    We listen to customer feedback
    We operate a programme of continuous development based on customer feedback and industry insight to issue regular updates, ensuring customers are kept up to date with the latest technological innovations.