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The complete School IT Management and Online Safety software solution

Keeping track of technology and ensuring students are safe online are two of schools’ largest EdTech concerns today.  

With NetSupport DNA, you can track, monitor and manage how efficiently your school’s existing solutions are being used – all while providing a protected online environment that gives your students the freedom to learn and make mistakes in safety. 

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Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust

NetSupport DNA saves us money on power and technician time – great product, every school should use it!

Jonathan Emery, Assistant IT Director
Used NetSupport DNA daily for 5 years+

St Bede Academy

It is a fantastic product for both IT staff and Safeguarding staff in schools. It covers everything you need to improve efficiency.

Karl Denton, Operations Director
Used NetSupport DNA daily for 5 years+

Thomas Deacon Academy

NetSupport DNA should be an essential, required tool in every school ICT Team – It really is an asset which as a bonus is backed up by an effective support team to help you get the most out of it.

Martin Byford-Rew, Head of ICT Services
Used NetSupport DNA for 5+ years

SoftwareReviews have conducted their own independent evaluation of NetSupport DNA and after surveying customers, NetSupport DNA has achieved a Net Emotional Footprint of 96/100! Not to mention 100% of customers surveyed would renew. To read the review click the image below.
Read the independent review by SoftwareReviews

How does it work?


NetSupport DNA starts by automatically discovering and installing an agent on targeted devices across your school. Constantly monitoring your network, it identifies any new devices that join, providing an option to deploy an agent for future management – no more manual searches or surprises!


Once installed, NetSupport DNA goes to work collecting detailed data, helping you to gain a summary of all IT activity, even for specific users and departments. From hardware/software inventory and app/web metering to energy/power management – it can all be summarised in customisable reporting tools.


Maximise your edtech investment, so you can enjoy all its benefits and reap the rewards. Re-deploy under-utilised hardware, discover PCs that are upgradeable, identify licences that aren’t being used, PCs left running out of hours and where print costs are generated.


In addition to adding an extra layer of network and data protection, NetSupport DNA also includes an online safety toolkit with proactive and reactive tools, built with the latest requirements in mind and with the use of contextual intelligence to help protect students.

What are the benefits of NetSupport DNA?



A complete overview

An all-knowing technician can use NetSupport DNA to work smarter. From staying ahead of potential IT issues, to automating tasks, maximising edtech and making informed decisions and refresh plans – all whilst maintaining a secure and reliable network.

Safe learning environment

Enhance your school’s online safety policies with its range of proactive and reactive tools designed to identify, protect and support ‘at risk’ students, whilst encouraging greater digital citizenship – all without the dependency on your IT department.

Classroom monitoring and instruction

Feature-rich classroom management tools can be included. Delivering seamless multi-platform support within the classroom, educators can keep students focused and engaged with real-time instruction, assessment, monitoring and control tools.

Multi-school support

Secure, scalable and easy to implement, you can manage up to 10,000 devices across multiple schools with ease. Data is safely stored on the school network and its centralised view and reporting tools allows all sites/data to be viewed together, while local IT teams can only access their IT estate.

NetSupport DNA ensures you are compliant with online safety/safeguarding regulations and requirements, wherever you are.

Something for everyone…

Network Managers

IT Management and Reporting

Safeguarding Staff

School-wide Online Safety


Feature-rich Classroom Management



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