Identify and support vulnerable students, while maintaining a safe learning environment and managing your school technology!

Safeguard your students effectively! 

As technology becomes part of everyday life in a school, it’s now a legal requirement to have the appropriate online safety tools in place to maintain a safe learning environment. 

Already helping IT teams to track, monitor and manage their IT estate from one central point, NetSupport DNA also includes a safeguarding toolkit that allows safeguarding staff to use its proactive and reactive tools independently of the IT team. 

With over 300 awards, 18 million users across 120 countries and 31 years of development expertise, you can feel safe in the knowledge that NetSupport’s solutions are the best in their class! 

    What Safeguarding and eSafety tools does NetSupport DNA include?

    NetSupport works closely with schools, safeguarding leads, staff and students to create a range of proactive and reactive tools that are relevant, effective and most importantly, up-to-date. Providing the tools you need to identify students at risk; prevent them being exposed to inappropriate online content; encourage greater digital citizenship and wellbeing; enforce acceptable use policies and fulfil your safeguarding duties – NetSupport DNA does this all, and in line with Ofsted guidance and operated independently of the IT team. 

    Keyword monitoring

     If a safeguarding keyword is triggered, it’s captured immediately (available as a log, screen screenshot/screen video recording and more). 

    Language packs

    Safeguarding keyword language packs are included to support schools with students learning English as an additional language (EAL).

    Contextual intelligence

    Identify genuine concerns via a numerical risk index based on the context and history of a student’s activities.

    Student ‘Report a concern’ 

    Students can share their problems and get help from staff without having to approach them in person.

    School-wide safety

     The internet metering tools (including age-appropriate internet controls) helps monitor, protect and educate students on positive digital behaviour.

    Track ‘at risk’ student activity 

    Vulnerable students can be flagged and tracked as an extra layer of support and a ‘history of concerns’ is available for each student.

    Online safeguarding resources 

    Providing students with independent access to a tailored list of safeguarding resources can further support student empowerment.

    Teacher ‘Add a concern’ 

    Where teachers are verbally told of a student’s concern, they can now add the concern and choose the member of staff to report it to. 

    Word cloud of trending topics

    Schools can see which topics are trending across the school via a word cloud, and hold assemblies or group sessions to tackle these issues.

    GDPR tools 

    A range of GDPR tools are includes to help schools meet their GDPR requirements at no extra cost…

    Cloud-based safeguarding console

    Azure-hosted safeguarding view. Designed to help Safeguarding staff access safeguarding alerts on the go.

    Set user views 

    On an operational level, schools can only see its own data. At a higher level, the data across all of the separate sites can be seen and analysed as a consolidated report.

    NetSupport DNA also comes with two more toolkits…

    IT Staff – Network and IT Management tools

    Using NetSupport DNA, IT technicians can track, monitor and manage all IT assets and endpoints across a school or Trust and its multiple sites from a central point – providing secure, fast and flexible management of a school’s IT infrastructure.


    • Hardware inventory
    • SNMP device discovery
    • Software licence management
    • Internet metering/control
    • Efficiency view for maximising edtech
    • Data retention policy to support GDPR
    • Application metering/control
    • Endpoint security
    • Proactive alerting
    • Energy monitoring and power management
    • User management
    • Activity monitoring
    • Multi-site support and management
    • Powerful Remote Control
    • Reporting tools
    • Plus much more!

    Teachers – Classroom Management tools 

    Used within NetSupport DNA (or as a standalone solution), teachers can access award-winning classroom management features – such as dedicated assessment, monitoring, collaboration and control tools – to leverage the full value of technology-enhanced instruction.


    • Student wellbeing and feedback
    • Teacher user modes for ease of use
    • Student screen monitoring
    • Interactive screen thumbnails
    • Testing and assessment tools
    • Language Lab module
    • Digital Journals of lesson content
    • Real-time instruction tools
    • File collection and distribution
    • Multi-platform support
    • Teacher, TA and Student apps
    • Student screen sharing
    • Virtual whiteboard
    • Exam lockdown
    • Reset student’s system password
    • Plus much more!

    Key benefits

    Save Time

    From proactive warning alerts of issues across the network through to device auto-discovery, bulk software distribution, custom school reporting and free mobile apps so you can access key data on the move, NetSupport DNA saves you a whole heap of time.

    Save Money

    Every school or Trust wants to reduce costs – and that’s something NetSupport DNA can help you to achieve. With its constant supply of real-time statistics to help you manage your assets and avoid system downtime and its associated costs, NetSupport DNA ensures you achieve a swift return on your investment.

    Ass Security

    Safeguarding your students and keeping your school or campus’s IT systems secure and running efficiently is a priority. So NetSupport DNA supplies you with the essential tools to ensure both systems and students are safe.