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Delivering a good quality education for all pupils and raising educational standards in the school is your key priority.

As part of achieving these goals, you evaluate budgets, approve policies, review IT assets and plan for infrastructure spend. NetSupport DNA allows the school to identify all IT assets, detailing their inventory and daily use as well as their specifications to aid plans in budgeting replacements in the years ahead.

NetSupport DNA not only monitors, tracks and identifies the IT assets within the school and district, but also highlights where cost saving can be made. The hardware and software inventory helps you avoid unnecessary purchases, as it shows which PCs can be upgraded rather than replaced; where PCs can be redeployed to other schools, staff or students; and PCs with software that have no or low usage, thereby avoiding pointless renewal costs. In addition, with the Print Monitoring feature, you can keep tabs on where print costs are being generated, allowing you review costs accordingly – while the Energy and Power Management features ensure the schools are not wasting money powering PCs when they are not in use.

Additionally, school board-approved policies can also be delivered and tracked using the Acceptable Use Policy tool.

Furthermore, in accordance with your internet safety legal responsibilities, the Safeguarding module within NetSupport DNA ensures your schools have the best tools in place to support its obligations to protect students proactively from harm while using school technology, by monitoring and controlling websites that can be visited; monitoring keywords and phrases than may indicate a child is at risk of grooming, self-harm, bullying and more; and by providing the tools for a student to report a concern, securely, to a trusted member of staff.

NetSupport DNA delivers a broad range of features – from IT management to classroom instruction and assessment through to eSafety – in a single suite, for a single low unit cost.

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