Software Distribution

NetSupport DNA provides a multi-delivery option for Software Distribution.

A software distribution package is created by either applying parameters to a collection of files or folders or by using the DNA application packager - recording the user prompts, keystrokes and mouse clicks that are used during a test installation, and then automating these on a live deployment to bypass the need for operator intervention.

Once created, the application package can be automatically "pushed" to the target PCs in the school for deployment or, alternatively, it can be "published". Once published, a user can check to see which applications are available for their PC, based on their faculty, and "pull" these down on demand.

NetSupport DNA includes a Scheduling feature, allowing packages to be deployed on a specific date and time - usually out of core school hours when network traffic is at its lowest.

With remote deployments, such as multi-site schools, the need to minimise network traffic congestion becomes a priority. In this case, NetSupport DNA allows a client PC, ideally local to the target machines, to be nominated as a distribution point. When the software is deployed, rather than being sent to each remote PC directly, it is just sent to the designated PC which then acts as a relay and redistributes it to its local PCs.

New video summaries - Just out!

NEW - Product Introduction Part 1 - Network and IT Management

NetSupport DNA provides Network Managers with a wealth of network and IT management features to effectively track, monitor and manage IT assets and endpoints across a school or Trust/District – from one central point. Not only does it help provide secure, fast and flexible management of a school IT infrastructure, but it also saves time and helps identify cost savings.

NEW - Product Introduction Part 2 - Safeguarding and eSafety

NetSupport DNA is the solution to your school’s online safety needs: providing the tools you need to identify students at risk; prevent them being exposed to inappropriate online content; enforce acceptable use policies and fulfil your safeguarding duties – all in line with government guidance.

NEW - Product Introduction Part 3 - Classroom Management

NetSupport School isn’t your ordinary classroom management solution, its led the evolution from traditional simple lock-stop and block tools, designed to control student behaviour in an online classroom, to delivering tools that allow for assessment, interaction and engagement within todays and tomorrows digital classroom. Developed with best practice in mind, it delivers a range of content formats, encourages interaction and monitors student PCs to help improve focus and attainment.

Short summary videos

Summary of NetSupport DNA

A compete IT Asset Management suite for schools including a new eSafety module.

Delivering cost savings for schools

High-level overview of cost saving features and benefits in NetSupport DNA.

eSafety and Safeguarding tools

An overview of the tools helping ensure eSafety policies can be managed.

Enhancing school IT security

An overview of the range of security features included in NetSupport DNA.

Real Time monitoring and management

An overview of the remote monitoring and management features in NetSupport DNA.

NetSupport DNA case Study - CMAT

NetSupport DNA helps Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust to manage IT trust-wide.

Other video tours

An introduction to NetSupport DNA

An introduction to NetSupport DNA, the philosophy behind the product, an overview of its key features and a summary of core benefits for schools.

Help your school IT staff be every day superheroes

Help your school IT staff be every day superheroes

With NetSupport DNA's range of features for IT Staff, Teachers and School Counselors, NetSupport DNA can help make your staff into every day superheroes.

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