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Supporting school wellbeing with technology

Supporting wellbeing across the school with technology

Wellbeing is no longer seen as an individual’s issue but as a collective school duty and something technology can help support when used effectively and safely – helping schools to maximize their edtech investment.

With NetSupport’s award-winning IT solutions, schools can access a range of tools and gain multiple benefits to support staff and student wellbeing.

Supporting student wellbeing 

Supporting staff wellbeing 

Take a closer look at how each toolkit supports wellbeing…

Student Wellbeing – Safeguarding tools

Support student wellbeing across the school with a built-in internet safety toolkit (included in NetSupport DNA). It helps enhance schools’ eSafety policies by providing the tools needed to identify students at risk, prevent them being exposed to inappropriate online content, encourage greater digital citizenship and fulfil a school’s child protection duties – plus, it can be operated independently of the IT team. Meanwhile teachers can use a range of tools in NetSupport School to support student wellbeing.

Keyword monitoring

If a concerning keyword is triggered in any language, it is captured immediately (available as a log, screen screenshot/screen video recording and more). Schools can also view concerning trends via a word cloud and hold assemblies or group sessions to tackle these issues and provide support to those in need.

Contextual intelligence-based Risk Index 

This uses variables such as the devices used, time of day and websites visited (including previous alerts triggered), to create a numerical risk index based on the context and history of a student’s activities. This helps school staff to identify genuine concerns and prioritize accordingly.

Student ‘Report a concern’ 

This feature is especially useful for those who feel uncomfortable speaking directly to a staff member, as it allows students to share their problems and get help from staff without having to approach them in person.

School-wide safety

 The internet metering tools (including age-appropriate internet controls) helps monitor, protect and educate students on positive digital behaviour.

Track ‘at risk’ student activity 

Vulnerable students can be flagged and tracked as an extra layer of support and a ‘history of concerns’ is available for each student.

Online eSafety resources 

Providing students with independent access to a tailored list of resources can further support student empowerment.

Capture how students feel

Using a Student Feedback mode (in NetSupport School), teachers can capture their mood, how confident they feel with lesson topics and whether they need extra support. 

Technician  Wellbeing – IT Asset Management and Reporting tools

Using NetSupport DNA, IT teams can track, monitor and manage all IT assets and endpoints across a school and its multiple sites from a central point. This provides secure, fast and flexible management of a school’s IT infrastructure and can boost the team’s wellbeing with its trouble-free remote support tools!

Evidence ready 

NetSupport DNA’s custom query tool provides a simple drag and drop field picker, supported with conditional and sum-based features that mean custom reports can be created in minutes, so you’re always prepared for meetings. 


No surprises 

NetSupport DNA provides a complete alerting suite, allowing hundreds of scenarios (such as anti-virus software being stopped to disk space) to be monitored. It proactively warns if problems occur − or, better still, before they occur − to avoid lost productivity.

Save time

 The welcome dashboard provides a complete overview of all IT activity across the school in one view, helping IT teams to easily view and keep on top of any changes or issues.  


Reduce manual tasks

– NetSupport DNA gathers a huge amount of data from each device: from CPU and BIOS types, to network, video, storage information, hardware and software inventories – saving having to collect and record it manually and freeing up time for other tasks! NetSupport DNA also constantly monitors your network and identifies any new PCs that join. 


Informed decisions 

Using the Efficiency view, IT teams can see at a glance if their technology is being used effectively – helping to reduce any wastage. Armed with this information, schools can see exactly how their technology is being used and the areas where efficiency can be improved to create cost and time-saving benefits. 


Teacher Wellbeing  – Classroom Management and Instruction tools

Included in NetSupport DNA or as a stand-alone solution, teachers can access NetSupport School’s award-winning classroom management features (such as dedicated assessment, monitoring, collaboration and control tools) to leverage the full value of technology-enhanced instruction. It’s not only easy for teachers to use, but also contains tools to save time and reduce manual workload.

Accessible classroom technology

 Teachers can choose between three user modes (Easy, Intermediate and Advanced) to suit their level of edtech confidence.The new Easy user mode only shows teachers the core tools needed to maintain control over the class. This helps  tech-shy teachers who may struggle to use classroom technology effectively or simply lack confidence which, in turn, causes anxiety and stress. 

Time saving tools 

Even in the classroom, every little shortcut can help. For example, with a single mouse click, push a specific website to every student’s computer rather than waste vital moments waiting for them all to get to right place – or turn multiple PCs on/off, monitor multiple PCs in a single view, and send/collect files from all or selected students. Multiple shortcuts such as these can really help free up your time.

Tech support

 In NetSupport School, a technicians’ support toolkit is included, allowing IT teams to manage, maintain and support school technology and its users from a central point – enabling a timely response and providing reassurance for busy teachers.

Reduce manual workload

 Using the online assessment tools, teachers can reduce their manual workload and instantaneously see students’ understanding on a topic. They can design tests and examinations with minimum of effort (including text, picture, audio and video questions) and monitor progress in real time.

Why choose NetSupport?

We have 32 years’ experience in developing education software – and with many NetSupport staff also having additional roles within the education sector, we have a complete understanding and insight into the world of edtech. 

Global success
NetSupport products are available in over 120 countries worldwide and currently support over 18 million users. The products are available in multiple languages.

We listen to customer feedback
We operate a programme of continuous development based on customer feedback and industry insight to issue regular updates, ensuring customers are kept up to date with the latest technological innovations.

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