Why Trusts and Districts love it!

Scalable 3-in-1 solution

Regardless of the size of your school and each of its sites, NetSupport DNA (IT Management with Safeguarding) can scale to support your current and future needs, ensuring your school is future-proofed as your investment in technology continues to grow.

With additional access to Classroom Management solution, NetSupport School, your teaching staff can use the dedicated assessment, monitoring, collaboration and control features to help maintain students’ focus in technology-led teaching and learning, whilst improving the efficiency and quality of ICT teaching across any platform.

Swift return on investment

Music to any school’s ears… NetSupport DNA helps identify where cost savings can be made without negatively impacting students’ learning experiences.

By identifying all IT assets, detailing their specifications and daily use, schools can evaluate budgets, review and plan for infrastructure spend with accurate, up-to-date information.

Some favourite features among existing schools are Print Monitoring, which helps you keep tabs on where print costs are being generated so you can review costs accordingly, whilst the Energy and Power Management features ensure the school is not wasting money powering PCs when they are not in use.

Fulfils schools’ safeguarding duties  

As schools are increasingly reliant on technology for learning both in and out of the classroom, tackling digital safeguarding and meeting the latest requirements becomes ever more complex.

We work with schools, safeguarding leads/school counselors, staff, students and charities such as the Internet Watch Foundation to ensure our proactive and reactive tools are effective, up to date and, most importantly, support a range of requirements and legal obligations.

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