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Take a look at these comments from customers using NetSupport DNA to discover the impact it has had in their schools and districts.

York High School

It is vital that schools use safeguarding tools these days and we are very happy with NetSupport DNA, as it is powerful, yet easy to use and flexible.
Al Metcalfe, Subject Leader for Computing & Media
Used NetSupport DNA daily for 5+ years

Birkenhead Sixth Form College

An absolutely fantastic bit of software backed by a fantastic support team.
John Paul Szkudlapski, Director of IT Services
Used NetSupport DNA daily for 3-4 years

Thomas Deacon Academy, England

NetSupport DNA should be an essential, required tool in every school ICT Team – It really is an asset which as a bonus is backed up by an effective support team to help you get the most out of it.
Martin Byford-Rew, Head of ICT Services
Used NetSupport DNA for 5+ years

Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust

NetSupport DNA saves us money on power and technician time – great product, every school should use it!
Jonathan Emery, Assistant IT Director
Used NetSupport DNA daily for 5 years+

Delta Education Trust

I love the range of tools included in DNA and the way in which I can do a lot of IT support remotely.

Southfields Primary School

The software has many functions in one which therefore eliminates the need to purchase multiple products.
Adam Howlett, Network Manager
Used NetSupport DNA for 1-2 years

Thomas Deacon Academy

The installation of NetSupport DNA was quick and intuitive. We were up and running within 15 minutes.

Langely School

NetSupport DNA has transformed the IT support, allowing speedy remote access, particularly helpful working on a 110 acre site.

Fulston Manor School

I love the speediness of NetSupport DNA; it allows me to drill down on almost anything I want in real time.

Explore Learning

I would recommend NetSupport DNA to any education establishment that wants to make sure their children aren’t accessing anything untoward.

Cox Green School

NetSupport DNA is a product we couldn’t live without in IT support – showing us all the information about the devices we have in an instant and giving us quick remote access to our devices to provide support.

Carrol ISD

We standardized on NetSupport four years ago and are very glad we did. It is a great product that works better than any of the others.

RM Education/Moorside High School

NetSupport DNA makes remote management and monitoring of devices easy and simple!

Ken Stimpson

We really like the reliability of NetSupport DNA and the fact we know it’s going to work without any problems.

Albany State University

NetSupport is a great company that provides excellent customer service.

The Radcliffe School

It’s a very simple solution that does everything we need it to do. It’s a no-brainer for us. We’ve looked at various solutions over time and NetSupport DNA has developed from its earlier solutions – so, for anyone looking at it: it’s the right solution for your school!

Mossbourne Federation

“It’s really good. We’ve had it for a number of years and we very rarely have to call support because it just works and does what it says on the tin. If you need something to do with safeguarding or a school solution, it is definitely a solution to try. It is easy to use.

Atena Primary School in Sosnowiec

I am really happy that this system gives me the opportunity to help my pupils and my teachers… and to safeguard the kids while they are using their devices. Just buy it because you don’t need ten administrators, you just need one.

Endeavour MAT

“The [NetSupport] solution we use is fantastic! It works and provides a good scope of resources…from a Trust level, we can see everything happening across our schools with minimal effort. It gives you everything in one box that many other solutions don’t.

Alameda Middle School

The solutions we use from NetSupport…they’re brilliant. I can’t fault them. We’ve been using them since we came away from another company and it has not caused any problems. I would summarise NetSupport in one word as ‘exceptional’.

Lincolnshire Secure Unit

To be honest, for us, as a high-security environment, [the products] do exactly what they need to do and that is mainly keep our children safe. I find them very easy to use, both as an admin and as a teacher. I’d recommend them every time. After an initial introduction period… they are very user-friendly and… it does what it says on the tin.

The Education and Skills Partnership Ltd

Primarily, our Safeguarding Lead uses it to identify when learners need support – maybe they might have flagged something, even if it is just a safeguarding concern. But also for our staff to be able to even log a safeguarding concern straight from their laptops and desktops. That has been really handy to help safeguard and protect our learners, which is the most important thing. This product really does help with that by giving the learners exactly what they need to feel safe and secure as they continue their learning.


External review by SoftwareReviews

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External Review image Product experience
External Review image Positive reviews

SoftwareReviews have conducted their own external evaluation of NetSupport DNA and after surveying customers, NetSupport DNA has achieved a Net Emotional Footprint of 96/100! Not to mention 100% of customers surveyed would renew. 


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“It offers a superb set of features, is a cinch to use, and is very affordable!” 

The Tech Edvocate Review

“This product bundle is designed to save schools money, time, and resources…”

The ICT Evangelist Review

“…an essential tool for the smooth running of your school network and its devices”

Ed Tech Roundup Review

“…regardless of the technology needs of your school or district, I absolutely recommend it”


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