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School-wide IT Management

– 3 toolkits in 1 solution!

NetSupport DNA provides all the tools your school or District needs to efficiently manage and maximize its technology, while supporting and protecting its users – all in one low-cost solution.

IT Management - effectively track, manage and maximize school technology

Classroom Management (Optional) - engage and monitor students in tech-enhanced classes.

Online Safety - monitor, identify and protect vulnerable students.

What can NetSupport DNA do for you?

Network and IT Management tools

  • Hardware inventory
  • SNMP device discovery
  • Software license management
  • Internet metering/control
  • Application metering/control
  • Endpoint security
  • Proactive alerting
  • Energy monitoring and power management
  • User management
  • Activity monitoring
  • Multi-site support and management
  • Powerful remote control
  • Reporting tools
  • Plus much more!
classroom management

Classroom Management tools (Optional)

  • Student screen monitoring
  • Interactive screen thumbnails
  • Testing and assessment tools
  • Language Lab module
  • Digital Journals of lesson content
  • Real-time instruction tools
  • File collection and distribution
  • Multi-platform support
  • Teacher, TA and Student apps
  • Student screen sharing
  • Virtual whiteboard
  • Exam lockdown
  • Reset student’s system password
  • Plus much more!

Online Safety / Safeguarding tools

  • Supports ISTE / CIPA requirements
  • Keyword monitoring
  • Word cloud of trending topics
  • Language packs
  • Student ‘Report a Concern’
  • Track ‘at risk’ student activity
  • Screen capture/record
  • Online eSafety resources
  • eSafety alerts
  • Age-appropriate internet controls
  • Contextual intelligence-based Risk Index
  • Operates independently of the IT team
  • Plus much more!

Key benefits of NetSupport DNA

Save time icon

Save time

From proactive warning alerts of issues across the network through to device auto-discovery, bulk software distribution, custom reporting and free mobile apps so you can access key data on the move, NetSupport DNA saves you a whole heap of time.

Save money icon

Save money

Every school or district wants to reduce costs – and that’s something NetSupport DNA can help you to achieve. With its constant supply of real-time statistics to help you manage your assets and avoid system downtime and its associated costs, NetSupport DNA ensures you achieve a swift return on your investment.

Online safety shield icon

Add security

Protecting your students and keeping your school or campus’s IT systems secure and running efficiently is a priority. So NetSupport DNA supplies you with the essential tools to ensure both systems and students are safe.

What do our customers think of NetSupport DNA?

Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
An Asset Management System You Should Try Overall, my experience has been good. Support has been quick to help when I've needed. We originally kept all of assets in a spreadsheet. Moving to this system was great because now we can see at a glance what we have and how its all running and gives you the options to drill down and run reports. ☺What we liked most about the service was all of the information you get and you don't have to go to each individual machine. You can see logins and logouts, computer resources, lists of running applications, and you can even block USB drives from being plugged in and run on certain computers. ☹Installation wasn't very straight forward. I had tried myself and failed and had to contact support so that they could remote in and set everything. The same also happened on the last update. One function that I would have loved to used but can't was the mobile app for scanning QR codes and bring up the computer info. It's been almost a year and the developers aren't sure why it's not working.
Tracie W.
Tracie W.
We love the product and it has made monitoring our network so much easier. Hardware and software monitoring and alerts. ☺I like the customization alerts on the product. It is not only easy to see the hardware that is on our network, but the software installed as well. ☹The only thing I would like to see the product do is show a profile of a user while logged in. Mainly mapped drives.
Kriss H.
Kriss H.
Easy to use for our purposes. ☺Easy to network to users. I liked the ability to "see" what they see. Was able to use the software to teach users how to navigate network and use features of specific software. Easy to access information about our systems as we moved in-house networking to a remote service. ☹We are a small company (under 20 users). Many features included in software were not applicable to us. Navigating through all the features to see what was applicable was confusing at first.
Riad A.
Riad A.
Complete control of all your system Hardware and Software inventory plus system alerts for any changes ☺With this software is easy to control a lot of variables on your intranet clients such a internet traffic, USB port Control, software and hardware client inventory, alerts and much more. This is a much have software in any company no matter the size and especially when combined with Microsoft Active Directory. ☹It has some lag due to the Database response when have too much time unattended. impossible to delete an registered PC client that don't belong to the organization anymore.
Gregg Z.
Gregg Z.
Great tool Data about my environment. ☺I like that DNA gives me a lot of information that I need and not too much of the stuff I don't. Keep it simple. We are mostly using it to track inventory of hardware and software, easy to take a quick look of browsing activity (better than my firewall), The USB lockdown is simple to setup and use. This is one of the best tools in this category that I have found and used. ☹Reports can be a little tricky to create or figure out, not as intuitive as the rest of the software. However this is my go-to tool for general data in my environment.
Jeremy L.
Jeremy L.
We've been using DNA for about 3 years. It give a very comprehensive look at each client machine! Comprehensive view into the hardware and software on our network! ☺What DNA gives us is a comprehensive look at all of the vitals on any computer in our network. We don't need to rely on the user to give us information...we can just look at DNA. Excellent bang for the buck!!!
Craig E.
Craig E.
A great piece of software It's a great companion software for any tech support shop. It's great to have all that information on your users at your fingertips. ☺The ability to pull up any PC and get an in depth report on software, hardware, what they are browsing on the web and even what they are doing right now. ☹Updates are little cumbersome on the server and client. Reporting is ok but not having the option to create a custom report with the data you want to see is a bit annoying, shouldn't be stuck with just the default reporting queries.
Ravi P.
Ravi P.
Great Product Great feature, really like the Power management system , helps cut cost, well received by the Senior management

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