Powerful IT Asset

Management Software (ITAM)

NetSupport DNA is the ultimate ITAM solution, providing all the tools your business needs to gain a complete overview of IT assets and activity, as well as efficiently manage and maximize its use, helping to gain a swift ROI.

Discover, Track, Manage and Maximise your Technology


How can NetSupport DNA help your company?

Discover what you have…

NetSupport DNA starts by discovering the PCs and SNMP devices on the network and then deploys itself onto them. It will constantly monitor the network and identify any new devices that join, providing the option to automatically deploy an agent for future management.

It then monitors and tracks from one central point – so no more manual searches or surprises.

Track and monitor its use…

Once installed, it goes to work collecting detailed data, helping you to gain a summary of all activity – even for specific users. The Efficiency View is a great starting point to see at a glance how your technology is being used.

  • Hardware/software inventory – View hardware/software for a single device, department or bespoke group to see details such as unused PCs, PCs with the lowest spec, disk space, software usage and more. You can also view and record accounting information (purchase details, lease and maintenance plans and much more) for every PC.
  • Software application metering – Monitor which applications, programs and even store apps staff use (or do not use), plus any renewal dates.
  • Spotlight feature  See more details about a selected PC (e.g. any applications, services, websites and processes in use), all in a single glance.
  • Energy/print usage – Stay informed of how many PCs are left on out of hours, where print costs are generated – and, most importantly, how these costs can significantly add up over time.
  • Reporting tools – Create custom on-screen and print-optimized reports reports in minutes for individual devices, users, departments and dynamic groups – for a clear illustration of the data.
  • User Management – Locate and manage users, including tracking of user acceptance forms, history of changes and changes to custom user details.

    Maximise it…

    Maximize your investment, so you can enjoy all its benefits and reap the rewards.

    • You can identify which PCs are upgradable, which ones need to be replaced and which ones could be more effectively deployed elsewhere – avoiding unnecessary purchases.
    • Reduce unnecessary spending on software licenses that aren’t needed or have very low usage − as well as avoid potential fines for using more than you own. Or, re-distribute software to other users/departments that have demonstrated high usage levels.
    • Set Power Management policies to allow selected PCs to be set to power off automatically and back on – all at once, or in stages – the next morning. In addition, “inactivity policies” can be applied, allowing rules to be applied for systems to sleep, log out or power down if they have been inactive over a period of time.
    • After seeing exactly where your print costs are being generated, re-allocate/review printing funds accordingly.
    • Re-deploy unused USB memory sticks to other staff and review the USBs in high use to check they are are appropriate for their use (i.e. memory space).
    • Avoid lost productivity with remote support tools, allowing IT teams to support users with issues via remote control, audio chat, messaging and more.

          Maintain security…

          Safeguard your systems and shield them from security threats – whether external or internal – avoiding lost productivity and revenue.

          • Installed locally – With NetSupport DNA, all of your asset data remains completely under your control within your organization. Unlike other products, NetSupport DNA supplies everything you need in a single download. The server and database components are installed locally, ensuring all of your corporate and staff data remains safely within your secure network.
          • Alerting suite – Monitor hundreds of scenarios and receive warnings when problems occur − or, better still, before they occur, such as when a particular PC/server is struggling, where license usage counts are reaching limits or when software has been uninstalled from a PC.
          • System Audit – NetSupport DNA includes a powerful Audit component, tracking all selected console activity by staff. The audit feature records when policies or settings are changed, entries are added or deleted or where rights are changed for any DNA user.
          • Data protection – Identify whether software you have installed is compliant, where any sensitive information is stored, prevent data breaches and support individuals’ rights by easily identifying and archiving/removing data history.
          • Endpoint security – A robust and effective solution for managing the use of USB memory sticks to help maintain the security of the network.


            • Hardware inventory
            • Software inventory
            • License management
            • Energy monitoring
            • Power management
            • Print monitoring
            • Reporting tools
            • Software distribution
            • Efficiency view
            • Data remains on your local network
            • SNMP device discovery
            • Device auto-discovery
            • Endpoint security
            •  Proactive alerting
            • Data protection toolkit
            • Vault
            • System audit
            • Acceptable Use Policies
            • Internet metering and control
            • Application metering and control
            • User management with user profiles
            • User management with user profiles
            • Log-on control and password reset
            • Locate a user
            • Activity monitoring
            • Multi-site support and management
            • Powerful Remote Control (optional)
            • Chat and messaging

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