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5 million users worldwide
users worldwide
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31 years development
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Take a look at these comments from customers using NetSupport DNA to discover the impact it has had in their companies.

Glass, Ceramics & Concrete

I like that DNA gives me a lot of information that I need and not too much of the stuff I don’t. Keeps it simple. This is one of the best tools in this category that I have found and used.

Gregg Z, Desktop Support
Used NetSupport DNA for 6-12 months

Government Administration

It’s a great companion software for any tech support shop. It’s great to have all that information on your users at your fingertips.

Craig E, Programmer
Used NetSupport DNA for 1-2 years


With this software is easy to control a lot of variables on your intranet clients such a internet traffic, USB port Control, software and hardware client inventory, alerts and much more.

Riad A, Director
Used NetSupport DNA for 2 years+

The Senator Group

NetSupport DNA paid for itself within weeks of installing, enabling us to locate software we believed lost and would otherwise have paid to replace.


NetSupport DNA has solved all of our needs and has even more functionality than we expected.

PC Pro

Easy to deploy, NetSupport DNA has the features you’ll be hard pushed to find in other asset management solutions.

Redmond Magazine

NetSupport DNA can have a significant impact on an organisations bottom line. Cost savings can be real and tangible.

LA Fitness

We were delighted at the ease with which NetSupport DNA and ServiceDesk integrated and complemented each other.


We have the ability to see exactly where all our PCs are – and with DNA pro-actively finding new devices on the network, it has been a real time saver.

City of Dickinson

NetSupport has helped us keep staff more accountable for their usage of technology, which in turn means more time spent on work and less time spent surfing the web. 

Quantum Profile System

Complete information about my network, devices and user activity in one central place with full audit reports as standard. What more can you ask for?!

IT Pro

It’s easy to deploy, gives a wealth of valuable information and is even more versatile.

AFL Architects

Before NetSupport DNA there was only a thin line between strategy and chaos. Now I am able to manage three sites across the UK from an armchair!

KCEOC Community action

With NetSupport DNA, I can generate reports to see results and savings. This is an important feature for us as we weren’t able to do this with any other products we tried before.

Digital Applications International

NetSupport DNA has helped us reduced our spending on software and hardware as we know exactly what we have and what we do/don’t need.

Cork National Roads Office

Due to there being many automated processes within NetSupport DNA, it really has saved the IT team a lot of time.


We use NetSupport DNA to track and monitor all our IT assets across the business and keep an up-to-date inventory, which is great for renewing or redistributing items.


External review by SoftwareReviews

SoftwareReviews have conducted their own external evaluation of NetSupport DNA and after surveying customers, NetSupport DNA has achieved a Net Emotional Footprint of 96/100! Not to mention 100% of customers surveyed would renew. 

Reviews and articles

Redmond review

“…asset management can have a significant impact on a companies’ bottom line.”

PC Pro review

“It offers a superb set of features, is a cinch to use, and is very affordable!”

Forbes article

Making The Right Technology Choices For Your Organization

Forbes article

How To Plan Your Organization’s New Flexible Tech Landscape

DNA Customer Review Infographic

“Easy to implement and had no issues since install.”

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