Data protection

One of the main concerns is building up a picture of company data, i.e. how it is collected, how it is used and how it is shared and stored. This task can be extremely time consuming so, to help complete it, companies should talk to other staff members to ensure they are not just aware of what data they have and where it is, but also look at software solutions that can do the job in half the time, whilst evidencing the updates and changes required.

Already supporting businesses as they manage their technology, NetSupport DNA now also includes tools to help organisations to meet their GDPR/data protection requirements at no extra cost.

Compliant software

NetSupport DNA’s GDPR/data protection tools include a software licensing module that allows you to keep track of software installed across your company and whether it is compliant – as well as ensuring that all data is secure and stored correctly.

Discover information you hold

To know whether data has been lost and to be able to report it within the stipulated 72 hours’ timeframe, companies must first have a clear picture of its location. Using NetSupport DNA’s file discovery, a data manager can quickly scan all or selected network PCs and identify all file types that may contain confidential information about staff and/or customers. Using the optional remote control features (NetSupport Manager), technicians can also quickly access a PC or laptop on the network to remove or move any files that should not be there.

Stored data

To help companies reduce the amount of data they store, a Data Retention Policy can be set to delete data over 365 days old from the NetSupport DNA database (default mode). The policy can be scheduled to run automatically at any time, on any day or at any interval.


The data included in a retention policy includes:

  • Internet metering
  • History
  • Application metering
  • Login sessions
  • Power on/off sessions
  • USB device use
  • Print cost data
  • Software distribution

You can back up all data before the policy runs and send an email to notify staff when the process is about to start.

Prevent data breaches

To help prevent data breaches, NetSupport DNA’s endpoint security and alerting features will automatically notify you when any number of changes occurs across the network – from antivirus protection not working and security alerts of failed login attempts from a staff’s machine to portable storage devices trying to access the network.

It will also help you evidence when a data breach has been logged by a member of staff but the data has remained safe. For example, if a USB stick with sensitive information was left by a staff member in an office, NetSupport DNA would show if the USB stick was activated.

NetSupport DNA can also control memory stick usage by allowing full access, block all access, allow read-only access or prevent applications being run from an unknown memory stick. Alternatively, individual memory sticks can be “authorised” in NetSupport DNA – for the current day, a week or indefinitely – and the use of sticks in the company can then also be limited to only those authorised.

Individuals’ rights

Lastly, within the database and administration sections of NetSupport DNA, companies can identify a member of staff and instantly archive or remove all data history related to them.

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