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IT Asset Management solution for businesses

NetSupport’s complete ITAM solution, NetSupport DNA, provides all the tools your company needs to efficiently manage your technology and support users – even those using work devices at home, helping to saving time and money and boosting security – in one low-cost package. 

With over 300 awards, 18 million users across 120 countries and 31 years of development expertise, you can feel safe in the knowledge that NetSupport’s solutions are the best in their class! 

Avoid IT downtime for staff working from home

With many staff now working from home, maintain your company’s productivity levels by making remote working as efficient as possible and ensuring your staff have access to support when needed.


Ensure software licenses are assigned to the right staff based on their usage level – and even deploy remote apps.


Help keep your technology secure and ensure data is safe.


Deliver remote support or training and help staff access their work PCs from the comfort and safety of their home via NetSupport Manager.


Ensure your technology is being used safely and appropriately.


Reduce IT downtime and costs by checking if devices need upgrading rather than replacing.


Plus much more!

Key features for supporting remote workers 
  • Hardware/Software inventory
  • Software distribution
  • Application metering
  • Internet metering
  • Endpoint security
  • Remote control (NetSupport Manager)
  • Plus, much more!

Watch our short videos to see NetSupport DNA in action!

What can NetSupport DNA do for you?

Save money 

With its constant supply of real-time statistics to help you manage your assets and identify unnecessary spending, as well as avoiding system downtime and its associated costs, NetSupport DNA ensures a swift return on investment.


  • Hardware inventory
  • Software inventory
  • License management
  • Energy monitoring
  • Power management
  • Print monitoring
  • Reporting tools
  • Plus much more!

Boost security

NetSupport DNA supplies you with the essential tools to safeguard your systems and shield them from security threats – whether external or internal – keeping your organization’s IT systems secure and running efficiently.


  • Data remains on your local network
  • SNMP device discovery
  • Device auto-discovery
  • Endpoint security
  • Proactive alerting
  • GDPR toolkit
  • Acceptable Use Policies
  • Plus much more!

Increase productivity

NetSupport DNA provides a range of features to efficiently locate and manage users and assets within a networked environment, helping to keep staff on-task and working effectively within their contracted hours.


  • Internet metering and control
  • Application metering and control
  • User management with user profiles
  • Locate a user
  • Activity monitoring
  • Multi-site support and management
  • Powerful Remote Control (NetSupport Manager)
  • Plus much more!

Why choose NetSupport?


We have 31 years’ experience in developing corporate software and work with local businesses to ensure our solutions are relevant, effective and will meet tomorrow’s challenges. 

Global success

NetSupport products are available in over 120 countries worldwide and currently support over 18 million users. The products are available in multiple languages.

We listen to customer feedback

We operate a programme of continuous development based on customer feedback and industry insight, ensuring customers are kept up to date new innovations and regular updates.

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